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Benefits of Trademark Registration

A trademark is one of the most beneficial attributes for a company as it will distinguish your products from others in the market. The trademark protection in Dubai is permitted through the Trademark Law. This law is applicable since 1992 and it amended in 2002. According to this law, a company or an individual can have a benefit of the trademark protection after the completion of the trademark registration process. A trademark can take any form. It may consist of a sign, symbol, image, an alphabet or a combination.

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Benefits of Company Trademark Registration

Register a trademark for a company can be a beneficial act. It has a lot of advantages like the legal ownership i.e. a specific trademark belong to the products or services of a specific company. The details benefits of having a registered trademark are as follows:

Security for your Business

A registered trademark in Dubai is security for your business in many ways. You can use it to get loans from the bank. They will equally value as the immovable property. It is like a license. It can recorded on the trademark register, Also, giving the legal rights to the company who owns it.


Legal Authority of Trademark

A registered trademark in Dubai gives you the authority to use it in the market. In addition, the products or services that are associate with your company will used only under your name. This is the most important reason behind the registration of the trademark so that the unauthorized usage of your products can be stopped in the market. A company with a registered trademark has the right to sue another company if it is using the first company’s trademark.

Independent Existence

A registered trademark allows a company to enjoy all the benefits from the success of its products. The products act as an intangible property with which all the value and reputation is attach. Further, a common trademark is attach to the goodwill of a product. This value never attained by a product with the unregistered trademark.

Transfer Ownership of Trademarks

A registered trademark has the benefit of transfer ability in Dubai. Also, It can transferred to any other product or a person like an asset which transferred by the current owner to anyone else.

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The right to use the word “Registered”

Once the trademark is registered, it will be used by the company with the word registered or the symbol “Ò”. Further, this will show that particular goods and services are related to one company only. With this symbol or word, you notify other people of your rights. A registered trademark is included in the official register, which ensures that no other person can use it.
Having a registered trademark for your company in Dubai has many benefits. It is also useful if you want to get registration in foreign countries or it can also ensure the protection of your brand worldwide with the expansion of your business.

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Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.