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Top Ways to Protect and Enforce Your Trademark in UAE

Intellectual property rights enforcement and protection are becoming essential in driving investment, innovation, and growth in the UAE. IP enforcement procedures vary significantly, depending on the trademark and its uses; however, trademark owners can benefit from a broad range of trademark enforcement options. In general, there should be careful consideration taken by trademark owners when it comes to particular strategies that are tackled.

How to protect Trademarks in UAE?

When securing trademark, it is essential to hire a lawyer or have right tools as it will make huge difference.

A trademark lawyer in UAE can do all the legwork on behalf of trademark owners. The expert will able to use their knowledge and expertise of intellectual property laws helping you secure & defend marks. Tools and applications can also allow you to take trademark related matters into your very hands. And allowing you to identify possible issues and risks along the way.

Regardless of the path that you choose in the enforcement of your trademark or intellectual property rights. There are steps that you have to take in order to ensure you’re going to be successful with the endeavor.

How to decide on a strategy?

An excellent defensive game plan always begins with the offence. Prior to register a trademark in UAE, it is important that you have complete certainty on the fact that you are not walking a fine line of confusion in terms of your brand. Without knowing that you will be able to defend it, a mark may be very costly to protect. In worst cases, you may already have lost.

Making sure your trademark can defend by a trademark lawyer prior to registering it. And owning its rights will go long way in helping you secure it.

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How to register everything that’s associated with a Trademark?

As soon as you are sure there is no chance for a trademark to get confused with other marks that similar. It is important for you to undergo the Trademark registration UAE process. Also, you need to register everything that’s around it – yes, including the name of the company, product names, slogans, and your logo. Anything that has a reference to your trademark to be registered as well.

By owning the ownership to these marks, you are stopping all those that grab the rights to the marks for themselves. In addition, you should also register ideas that you have in case you will use them in the future. The protection of marks as soon as possible will guarantee that you have their ownership when you need them later on.

Until you have registered marks and secured them in your portfolio, the next thing you need to do is to keep them hidden. If a trademark is register by your competition before you utilized it. It will force you in redoing your marketing plan. There is also a chance that you need to pay a competitor for the rights.

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How to Registering Social handles?

There are only a few things that are worse than being able to register a business name but not having the opportunity to match social profiles. Digital marketing revolves around the use of social media accounts in promoting businesses. If you do not have identical names to your social media profiles, then your potential customers won’t be able to find you. They may also find your competitor instead.

Register on social media to maintain the rights to them. You should also do same with any product or brand pages that you plan on running separate social media profiles.

Online account profiles that you should consider registering or claiming to include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Snap chat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Reddit, Twitch, eBay, Skype, and Pinterest among others.

Take note: depending on your product or service, some of the platforms mentioned above may irrelevant. For instance, F&B businesses in the UAE don’t have to fuss regarding software development platforms. Of course, it would not hurt in having a trademark in every platform regardless of whether it is just slightly relevant.

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How to Maintain ownership of Trademark Rights?

You have to be updated with the status of marks when you’re registering in UAE. The Ministry of Economy is not responsible for sending reminders to maintain ownership of trademark rights. If you fail in completing your paperwork. It is possible for your mark to get cancel or lost.

Although the UAE Ministry of Economy won’t give a warning to you when this happens. It is going to stop other marks that are similar or same as yours from being registered. It can be helpful; however, any other issues that surround marks will be up to the owner of trademark rights to monitor.

The enforcement and protection of trademark and intellectual property rights may sound excruciatingly simple and straightforward; however, you will surprised as to how many issues can arise if you don't take precautionary measures. If you want to get started on Trademark protection in UAE, call us today!

Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.