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Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services

Farahat & Co. understands the intricacies and challenges involved in legal cases, particularly concerning UAE expert witness and court expert services. With a team of highly qualified professionals, we provide comprehensive expertise in court expert and expert witness services in the UAE. Our commitment is to guide you through every stage of the legal process, ensuring clarity, reliability, and integrity in our services.

When your legal case demands expertise and clarity, Farahat & Co. is your trusted partner. Our court expert witnesses are dedicated to helping you understand the complexities of the legal system, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights are protected.

Contact us today to discuss your case and benefit from the unparalleled court expert witness services offered by Farahat & Co. in the UAE.

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Who Is an Expert Witness in Court?

Expert witnesses in court are individuals possessing specialized knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. They play a vital role in legal proceedings by offering unbiased, professional opinions based on their experience and expertise. At Farahat & Co., we have a network of expert witnesses ready to assist you in various cases, providing robust support to strengthen your legal arguments.

Court Expert Witness in Dubai, UAE

Understanding the legal system in Dubai and the UAE can be overwhelming. Court expert witness services are designed to simplify this process for you. Whether you are involved in civil, criminal, commercial cases, or property disputes, court experts can provide comprehensive reports, analyses, and testimonies to effectively support your case.

expert witness services

Farahat & Co - UAE Expert Witness

Our team comprises specialized court experts with extensive experience in various fields. All our expert witnesses are qualified professionals with certifications and significant experience in their respective domains. We ensure that our experts uphold the highest standards of competence and integrity, offering you reliable and trustworthy support. By partnering with us, you can ensure the most reliable expert witness services in Dubai and across the UAE.

  1. Expert Consultation

Our court experts provide thorough consultations, helping you understand the legal implications of your case. We simplify complex technicalities, ensuring you comprehend every aspect before entering the courtroom.

  1. Comprehensive Analysis

We conduct in-depth analyses of the evidence, ensuring a meticulous understanding of the case. Our court experts provide objective evaluations, aiding the court in making well-informed decisions.

  1. Expert Testimonies

Our court experts offer clear and concise testimonies in court, explaining complex concepts in simple language. We ensure that our testimony is understandable to all parties involved, significantly impacting the legal proceedings.

  1. Professionalism and Impartiality

We maintain strict professional standards, emphasizing impartiality and integrity in all cases. The court expert witnesses in Dubai are acknowledged for their unbiased opinions, establishing credibility within the UAE legal sphere.

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Arbitration, Tribunals We Offer

Criminal Law and Criminal Dispute

This is an area of law that focuses on crime, hence its name criminal law. This area of law is against harmful or threatening actions towards the well-being, safety, health, or property of people.

The legislative body of a country passes this law, which includes the penalties that criminals will have to face for violating it. Still, there are differences in laws from one country to another.

There are five objectives of this area of law that are widely accepted:

Retribution – Most countries’ goal is to make criminals suffer causing grief to people. Because of this, there is a huge disadvantage for them when they are caught. It is done to balance things out. This is why we all adhere to the laws of the land to ensure that we do not have to face the repercussions. One example is the person who kills may be sentenced to death as well, which supports the idea of balancing things out.

Deterrence – This objective aims for people to be discouraged from violating laws by punishing a criminal. When society sees an offender to be subject to a certain penalty, it will pull them back from committing the same offenses. Incapacitation – This is defined as preventing someone from having legal capacity, which is intended for the public to be safe from the disturbing acts of criminals. This is done by sentencing them to several months, years, or a lifetime in prison. Some countries also apply death penalties to some criminals.

Rehabilitation – The goal of the government through this is to convert a criminal into someone who can be of use in society. When offenders go through this, it is in hopes that they will put an end to doing wrong conduct against people. Restoration – This is mostly for the victims who have been done wrong by criminals. It aims to help the victims get back up to their feet. When someone suffers from financial fraud or theft, they will be repaid for the amount illegally obtained from them.

A criminal defense attorney or criminal attorney comes into the picture. In every case, a criminal defense attorney ensures that clients, plaintiff or defendant, will have the chance to win the legal action they need to face. Various criminal cases are handled by criminal law attorneys—this ranges from theft, fraud, drug, sex, or violent crimes, etc. A criminal defense lawyer ensures that there is proper dispute resolution in criminal disputes for the benefit of the clients. With this, a case can be closed with the help of a criminal justice attorney.

Civil Law and Civil Dispute

Based on history, civil law was derived from the Roman law. This area of law is about the promotion of order and harmony between people in a society. There are a lot of areas that this branch of the law covers, the following are simply some of the examples, divorce, medical malpractice, employment law, product liability, intellectual, personal injury, wrongful death, etc. In this sense, anything that is outside the criminal disputes or law falls into the civil dispute. In this kind of case, a judge or jury decides on the matter at hand inside a courtroom.

Now, civil litigation is when two parties are not looking for criminal punishments but money or something else instead in a legal dispute. Therefore, it is the job of certain lawyers, and civil litigation attorneys, to ensure that the case is handled properly and their clients are represented appropriately. A civil litigation lawyer handles or represents people in this kind of case in this area of law. A civil litigation lawyer is a specialist in this field, dealing with hearings, proceedings, and depositions on behalf of clients.

There are also ways for people engaged in a case to prevent the need to go to court and face a judge or jury. Resolving civil disputes can also happen through arbitration and mediation. This will also be handled by a civil attorney of choice of the plaintiff and defendants who believe that they are the right people for dispute resolution in civil. This kind of process will ensure that both parties are guided through a set of procedures in settling civil disputes that will ensure a good settlement will be conducted between them, avoiding the expense that would have been incurred by them when the case is escalated to the courts.

Real Estate Lawyer for Real Estate Dispute

Oftentimes, some people who have got themselves into a contract of purchasing properties like real estate will face certain problems with developers. These issues include lack of progress on the part of the developers, unexpected payments that were not discussed in the first place, delayed deliverables when it comes to the project, etc. This is why advice from lawyers is needed by people before taking a step in the world of real estate.

These lawyers are specialists in the field of real estate and property wherein they apply their legal skills. They are around for people to be ensured that the proper process is taken into account and that there are no problems from the first step until everything is done.

There are real estate laws that are already implemented in the country. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) is in support of these laws to ensure that both sides have clarity in dealings.

In the UAE, real estate litigation is considered to happen more often than other disputes. This is why lawyers for property disputes are expected to be cautious and have the correct measures applied in representing clients. It is also the job of property dispute lawyers to have the contracts be examined to ensure that the clauses are not risky. When risky clauses are found, the lawyers will have to negotiate with the developers to settle in a safe transaction.

When needed, real estate lawyers are around to ensure that the terms in negotiations with the developers are done properly and are correct. A real estate attorney can also help in speeding up the process of settlement for it to turn in your favor. On behalf of the client, a real estate litigation attorney will also be a representative to stand at the arbitration about your case.

Islamic Finance Dispute

Islamic finance is all based on and by the Sharia law. This law has a list of several types of investments that are allowed. It is believed that Islamic banking and finance have been around since the seventh century and was only in the 1960s that it was formalized. Coincidentally, at this time in the economy, there was a big oil wealth that Islamic finance responded to by the demand for Sharia-compliant practice for the good of the society and economy.

Disputes in this area can also arise. Some of the disputes that can happen are payment of installments, bounced cheques, default paying issues, credit card payment issues, terms and conditions for transaction problems, etc.

Dispute resolution In Islamic banking and finance is mostly done through the Courts. There are circumstances, however, in settling Islamic Finance disputes that can take place and be reviewed in an arbitration tribunal.

This can be done in two ways: If it is included in the clause in a contract that both parties can settle a dispute in an arbitration tribunal lest a party violates one of the listed clauses in the contract, and in the event that there’s none, the two parties can both agree upon going through an arbitration tribunal to settle the case. If the situation does not fall in any of the two options above, it will be escalated to the Courts where the two parties will have to hire a lawyer to represent them.

This is why lawyers are hired way before a dispute happens and before they have to go through resolving Islamic Finance disputes. To avoid the hassle that a dispute brings, one should be cautious in entering into a contract. If a client does not fancy reading long lines of a clause in a contract, a lawyer must go through it before any signing takes place. With this, you can ensure that there will be little to no issues that can arise between you and the bank.

Bankruptcy Attorney for Banking and Finance Dispute

Banks can be profit-seeking commercial organizations or government-owned and non-profit institutions. They are all about the issuance of currencies, credit cards, debit cards, etc., processing of transactions, depositing collection, and lending money to people with or without interest, depending on the bank. This is where people usually go when they need money or need to transfer money, however, the situation demands.

Banks are under the laws of the jurisdictions of the country where it is located. These are the regulations that are followed by these institutions and the rules that their requirements are based on. This is how their transactions are governed to ensure fairness and transparency for their clients.

About all of these, banking and finance law is usually applied and included in businesses and corporations. This happens when business owners decide to form a new company and they need a bank account to have their transactions or they need a bank that can lend them the amount they are looking for. Also, it can happen when corporations have purchased stocks, mergers and acquisitions, investments, or bank account tax audits.

In all of the aforementioned areas, business litigation lawyers are needed by these businessmen. There are, of course, contracts that will be drafted between the banks and the clients, regulating how investment funds can be spent and accounted for by the company that is applying to them.

To avoid any disputes in the future or to make sure that someone can prevent a dispute or handle settling finance disputes, business owners hire a lawyer for them to be in compliant with the law and all it requires. There are circumstances as well wherein local bankruptcy attorney has to deal with companies that want to file bankruptcy so they can have a good settlement with the bank for not being able to pay their dues.

Partnership Dispute

Some people prefer to form a company with their friends or people they trust. This can help them create more ideas and help them in areas that they are not exactly fond of or an expert in. They form a partnership that might boom or not.

A Partnership is common in businesses, especially startups as this can be a positive thing in sharing the capital aside from the ideas and responsibilities. But even in a good relationship, conflicts can arise.

Partnership disputes are common in the business industry as different people have different characteristics. Even when you have worked together for years and deeply trust each other, there can still be shareholder disputes.

Because of this, even if they didn’t want it to happen in the future, an agreement should be made. This is where a lawyer comes in to make a well-drafted partnership agreement to ensure that the partners have something to follow in case business partner disputes arise. This agreement can guide them if a dispute occurs.

The agreement is usually composed of the role of each partner (their responsibilities and duties), the person who has more control, the business’ procedures that should be followed in decision-making, capital contribution, compensation and distributions, the process of partners withdrawing, the process in removing partners, the circumstances in which the partnership will or can be dissolved or terminated, and more based on what the partners would deem important to cover.

There are a lot of partnership dispute cases, which is why lawyers should be involved from the start. These people can help them in being aware and prepared that big or small business partnership disputes exist so they have to be keen on resolving partnership disputes when the time arises.

However, when it does happen, they must have partnership dispute lawyers on their side to assist them in fixing things or ensuring that the stipulations in the agreement are followed. These people can handle partnership dispute resolution procedures, which can aid them in fixing things between them to avoid separation. If they don’t want to make it work, these lawyers can help the parties to have amicable parting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Role of an Expert Witness in Court Proceedings?

An expert witness provides specialized knowledge and expertise in a particular field relevant to the case. They offer their professional opinion to assist the court in understanding complex issues, helping judges and juries make informed decisions.

What Qualifies Someone as a Court Expert Witness?

A court expert witness is an individual with exceptional knowledge and experience in a specific field relevant to the case. They are recognized by the court for their expertise and impartiality.

How Does an Expert Witness Help in a Legal Case?

Expert witnesses provide specialized knowledge and opinions to assist the court in understanding complex matters. Their testimonies can influence the court's decisions and strengthen your legal position.

Can Your Expert Witnesses Testify in Court?

Absolutely. Our expert witnesses are not only knowledgeable in their domains but are also adept at presenting their findings in court. They can provide clear and concise testimonies, helping judges and juries understand the complexities of your case.

Is the Expert Witness's Opinion Always Binding?

No, a court expert witness's opinion is not binding, but it carries significant weight in court. Judges consider expert testimonies when making decisions, valuing the credibility and expertise of the witness.

Can I Consult Your Experts Before Proceeding With My Case?

Yes, you can. We encourage clients to consult our experts before making any legal decisions. Our experts can assess the merit of your case, provide initial insights, and offer guidance on the best course of action. This consultation can help you make informed decisions about your legal strategy.

How Can I Hire Farahat & Co.'s Expert Witness Services?

Contact us for a consultation. Our team will assess your case and provide tailored expert witness services, ensuring you receive the support you need for a successful legal outcome.