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Corporate Secretarial Services

Farahat & Co offers corporate secretary services that support and improve board performance and compliance.

Only a few startups and small businesses are able to allocate enough resources in retaining full time company secretaries. That is why our clients come to us. With our corporate secretarial services in UAE, businesses are able to maintain the highest standards for corporate governance and comply with local regulations. Our team goes above and beyond in supporting the overall effectiveness and efficiency of company administration including chairs and directors. We will help you focus on your business operations!

Our Corporate Secretarial Services Process

Our corporate secretarial services and the corporate secretarial service fees can vary, depending on your unique needs and requirements. Assistance from us is industry-specific, helping ensure you get the service that is right for your company.

The service can include any or all of the following:

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Global Corporate Secretarial Services

Different jurisdictions across the globe require corporations to designate corporate secretaries which are to be present during meetings of the board of directors. Our team’s precise obligations differ, depending on the country that they are working in and the corporation’s bylaws.

Many people are led to believe that the primary role of a corporate secretary is taking and recording minutes of meetings of company administration. Although the task is among the primary corporate secretarial duties and responsibilities, it is nowhere near what a corporate secretarial team does. Throughout the years of providing corporate secretarial services, our team has been able to do the following:

For board meetings

Our team plans and executes the meetings of committees and board of directors. This means we handle the strategic planning, sending out the invitations to appropriate attendees and their addresses, the formulation of agendas, reservation of meeting spaces, and covering of all logistical issues. Our corporate secretarial service essentially includes the overseeing of shareholder meetings of corporations.

For maintenance of records

Our team isn’t only tasked with taking the minutes of meetings, but also for the dissemination of minutes and their substance. The minutes of meetings of businesses are to be accurately described in order to communicate the board of directors’ final decisions effectively. Much more than a mere scribe, corporate secretarial services provided by the firm involves a team considered as an officer that implements the pronouncements of the board. Our team organizes and retains the significant documents of corporations including business licenses, stock transfers, contracts, Capitalization Table of a corporation, shareholders correspondence, and proxy statements.


Our team is willing and able in providing advice to a board of directors regarding its duties and goals. We have also briefed company officers on their individual roles. With a corporation that has subsidiaries, our team often counsels company administration with regards on ways in managing and governing the subsidiaries or representative offices.


As new board members can be brought onto the board of directors of a corporation, we are tasked in overseeing the new members’ orientation, briefings, and training.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Reasons why clients choose us

Apart from our tailored and flexible corporate secretarial service in UAE and in any jurisdiction across the globe, some of the main reasons why we’re given the honor of being the corporate sectary include:

  • Excellent problem solver
  • Patient and effective communicator
  • Detail-oriented and very organized
  • Extremely discreet
  • Familiarity with local business regulations and legislation

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Corporate Secretarial Services

Our Goal

One of the goals of our team when providing corporate secretarial services in UAE and global corporate secretarial services is your compliance to regulations and peace of mind! Our responsive assistance can help ensure that you are in full compliance to appropriate and applicable laws while you remain focused on your business goals.

The cornerstone of the company secretarial support of Farahat & Co is the establishment of an excellent working relationship. Trust that is developed reflects the care, quality, and consistency of our outsourced corporate secretarial services. Fees are also very competitive, and service packages are adapted to your specific needs. If you want further details or you wish to speak to our team of corporate secretaries, don’t hesitate to visit the office or contact us!