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Corporate Finance Advisory Services in Dubai, UAE

Corporate Finance Advisory Services in Dubai, UAE

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are significant yet complex corporate events. Experienced M&A advisors are the ones who can guide you through the various areas that govern a merger or an acquisition process.

Farahat & Co. has an experienced team of skilled Mergers and Acquisitions specialists that can assist clients in adopting the best growth strategies to achieve their corporate goals. The company provides a multi-faceted, unique approach to helping you plan and prepare for a successful and lucrative transaction process. With over a decade of experience in M&A with clients across the UAE, our team of Corporate Financial Advisors maximizes to extract the best value.

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Corporate Finance Advisory Service

Sell-Side Advisory Service

If you plan on selling all or just a part of your company, the Corporate Financial Advisors of Farahat & Co. can bring significant local market experience and industry knowledge to your transaction. Clients seek to utilize our dedicated team’s experience in providing invaluable advice that’s in connection with acquisition, capital raising, and business disposal among others. Our Corporate Finance Advisory team assists with several different strategic initiatives as well, including Islamic finance, capital structure, joint ventures, corporate structuring, financial feasibility studies, and fund placement.

The M&A specialists in Farahat & Co. help in anticipating and addressing issues that arise, as well as provide clients with advice that can aid them in pursuing change and growth through strategic transactions.

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Financial Advisory services

Buy-Side Advisory Service

Our Corporate Financial Advisors can serve financial advisory roles, as well as provide specialized transaction support to help you create and/or act upon any opportunity for growth.

We assist clients across the entire buy-side lifecycle, as well as coordinate with our in-house specialists for contract review and technical due diligence before the closing of a deal. Additionally, we provide a post-transaction integration service to help you realize a strategic transaction’s benefits.

Our buy-side advisory services include:

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Benefits of Hiring a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor

There are myriads of benefits to hiring an experienced team of Corporate Financial Advisors. Most companies engage with Mergers and Acquisitions advisors to guide them throughout the entire transaction process. The advantages of seeking the assistance of specialists are as follows;

Evaluate the opportunity properly

A company that hires M&A advisors has the same reasons why it hires accountants for taxes. An experienced professional instills confidence aside from ensuring everything goes smoothly. If issues arise in the later part of the transaction process, you know you did every single thing within your power to vet the opportunity properly. This is especially important for people who answer to shareholders or a board.

Augment internal resources

Most first-time buyers and middle-market companies do NOT have their corporate development teams. Acquiring or merging with another company takes a considerable amount of time, energy, and attention. The problem is the persons in charge of mergers or acquisitions e.g. CEO, CFO, and other executives are busy with their day jobs. With M&A advisors, you won’t have to split your time as the professionals will augment your company’s resources.

Increase bargaining power of seller

M&A advisors maintain relationships and information resources that can be used in identifying potential strategic and financial buyers that may be unknown to business owners. With a pool of buyers, you will be able to generate competing bids as well as healthy competitive tensions, strengthening your negotiating position as the seller.

Provide valuation expertise

With a comprehensive valuation analysis, an M&A advisor can help establish a company’s value and provide sound judgment for any bids.

Bridge information gap

A private seller may sell at a valuation discount to its public peers, which may be due to a lack of information that’s publicly available regarding private companies. An M&A advisor is capable of facilitating access to confidential information for prospective buyers and potentially reducing any valuation discount.

Manage the process

M&A advisors have the infrastructure and expertise that allow them to efficiently manage a transaction process, starting from the creation of competitive tension up to ensuring confidentiality, positioning, strategy execution, management of the auction process with several bidders, as well as negotiating sale terms and agreements.