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Brand and Trademark Registration UAE

UAE Trademark Registration

In registering for a trademark, it is imperative that you have a lawyer or a consultant who can guide you in the step-by-step process of trademark registration in Dubai. Most importantly, Understanding the UAE law regarding trademark is essential as well since this is a legal matter that should be taken seriously. However, one cannot simply have his intellectual property be a registered trademarks in the UAE whenever he wants to.

In addition, it needs verified as original creation and not a copy of somebody else’s since trademark infringement can happen unconsciously. In United Arab Emirates, a trademark search done before application is forward to concern trademark registration office authority.

Trademark Registration – Our Fees from AED 5,000 per each registration

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trademark registration uae -تسجيل العلامة التجارية في دبي

What Can Be Registered as Trademarks?

There are a couple of things that can register as a trademark. A trademark symbol can also other things, such as a name, word, signature, letter, figure, drawing, title, tax stamp, seal, image, inscription, advertisement, pack, wrapper, packaging labels, tagline, or any other combination that is intend to  use for the same commercial purpose of a business to have their goods and services be identified in the industry. A trademark can be any distinctive marking, which can even include the shape and color of goods.

It is highly advisable that when registering a trademark. It should distinctive to what the goods and services are offering to the consumers. There is more ease in registering the kinds of trademark that are easily associate with the company’s goods and services. Besides, when trademarks are distinctive, it can be easily remembered by the consumers in the market.

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trademark registration UAE

Regulated Trademark Attorney

As one of the top companies that offer company trademark registration services in the UAE, Farahat & Co. ensures that you are well aware of the process of trademark registration in Dubai (or wherever you may be situated in the country) and what comes with having intellectual property rights. We make certain that your intellectual property adheres with the law. And we also do research to be sure that you have an original trademark symbol, trademark logo, trademark sign, etc. with you.

We have been working with companies for more than 30 years, dealing with intellectual property among other services that we are specialist in, such as looking into your company documents and activities to uncover fraud since we are a certified fraud examiner and we take care of an organization’s need to wind-up or process the deregistration of company.

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خدمة تسجيل العلامة التجارية في الامارات

Documents Required for Trademark Registration UAE

  • Soft copy of your trademark image in black and white
  • Power of attorney appointing our firm to act and apply on your behalf
  • Copy of the applicant’s Certificate of Incorporation (for corporate applicants only)
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Certificates of trademark registration, On the other hand, if registered in any other countries
  • Legal translation of the wording which might be included in your trademark. In addition, We require the translation from your language of origin to English. Similarly, The translation from English to Arabic will be handled by Farahat & Co. through a locally regulated legal translator in the UAE as Farahat & Co. is not a legal translator.

Process and Requirements for Trademark Registration in UAE

  • An application for an initial search must submitted to the Trademark Registration Office. Similarly, the initial investigation will  conduct in order to see if the trademark was registered before or not, if not:
  • An application with all the required documents, In addition, including the image of the targeted trademarks & application form. Meanwhile, this will be file, and the fees must be paid.
  • The Trademark Registrar Office will publish your application to register the trademark in two local newspapers.
  • Any interested party may file a notice of opposition to the registered trademark within 30 days from the date of publication.
  • The Registrar’s decision about the opposition may be appeal to at the ministry committee. Similarly, the committee’s decision may be appeal to in the competent court.
  • A trademark will register and a registration certificate issue.  Therefore, In case of no opposition is lodge within the time limit above.
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Steps required to register a trademark

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of trademarks can be registered?

The types of trademarks that can be registered are as follows:

  • Shape marks;
  • Sound marks;
  • Pattern marks;
  • Certification marks;
  • Collective marks;
  • Service marks;
  • Product marks

If you are uncertain of whether your proposed mark can be registered or not, don’t hesitate to contact our office to book a consultation with our trademark specialists in UAE.

How long can a trademark be protected?

A registered trademark will remain valid ten (10) years following its successful registration. in the UAE, validity of a registered trademark can be extended provided the additional fees are paid.

Do I need a trademark or copyright for my business name?

Business names together with product names, labels, and logos can all be registered as trademarks. Trademark registration in UAE is the best course to take for brand protection.