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Privacy Policy

1 – User Data Collection & Usage Policy

Farahat Office & Co. strongly believe in the responsible use of information we collect from our customers. Our policies and procedures are designed to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal information. We aim to collect and use your information in a responsible and non-discriminatory manner by restricting the use of your information only to Farahat & Co.

2 – Online Payment Terms and Conditions

“FARHAT OFFICE & Co” online transactions using Pay Tabs. PayTabs is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant payment gateway.

Unless otherwise stated, payments processed through “FARHAT OFFICE & Co” website are in United Arab Emirates Dirhams and/or US Dollars.

3 – Security

All online credit cards transactions performed on using the Pay Tabs payment gateway are secured payments. The following security measures are applied to these payments:

  • Payments are fully automated with an immediate response.
  • Your complete credit card number cannot be viewed by” FARHAT OFFICE & Co “or any outside party.
  • PayTabs have built-in fraud protection system which includes in-house fraud protection layer as well as 3DSecure. This two-layered system ensures that your transactions are highly secure and hassle free.
  • All transaction data is encrypted for storage within Pay Tabs’ banks.
  • Pay Tabs is an authorized third party processor for all the major banks.
  • PayTabs at no time touches your funds; and all monies are directly transferred from your credit card to the merchant account held by FARHAT OFFICE & Co.

You may like to read PayTabs’ privacy policy (

4 – Ways to Pay

For the online payments “FARHAT OFFICE & Co” accepts Credit/Debit Cards Visa and/or MasterCard only and with the bank transfer/wire transfer. The Credit/Debit Cards used for online payment must be presented at the time of paying. If the person whose name appeared on the Credit/Debit Cards is not the client. in that case the client must process the following:

  • A photo copy of both sides of the Credit/Debit Card, which must be attested/signed by the Credit/Debit Cards holder, authorizing the use of the Credit/Debit Card for the payment of the transaction.
  • The photo copy mentioned on sub section(1) above mentioned must contain the name of the client and the date and the cause of payment. ID and/or Passport copy should be attached of both client and the Credit/Debit Card holder.
  • The above-mentioned documents must be presented at the time of paying, if the client fails to comply with any of the WOPTC set out in article FARHAT OFFICE & Co reserves the right to cancel the transaction.

5 – FARHAT OFFICE & Co shall in no event be responsible for any unauthorized use of any Credit/Debit Card. You accept to compensate “FARHAT OFFICE & Co” against any lose and/or damage, direct and indirect, arising due to unauthorized use of Credit/Debit Card on this website.

6 – FARHAT OFFICE & Co is not responsible to your relationship with bank or card issuer, you are advised to be informed about the all charges, terms and conditions with your relationship with bankcard issuer.

7 – Refunds

In the event the customer make a payment as in advance or on the account to FARHAT OFFICE & Co and was not provided them with all the necessary papers required to complete the transaction , in that case the transaction will be suspended until the papers supplied. The Client has the right to request within 7 working days a refund of the amounts that have been paid for FARHAT OFFICE & Co within seven working days from the date paid and will be refunded after deduct the amount spent for the task order.

8 – Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This WOPTC herein shall be governed, construed, interpreted and dealt with the laws of United Arab Emirates. The Dubai courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to try any matter in relation hereto.

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