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Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services

Today, business operations in the UAE require compliance with regulatory authority and enterprise risk management. Farahat and Co provide an extensive range of internal audit services in Dubai and the other emirates to protect businesses by mitigating potential risks and adding value to their growth. Businesses face a risk of disruption due to inefficient internal controls. Audit firms in Dubai ensure the core business processes such as finance, technology, operations, tax, and other risk monitoring processes have executed their stringent internal control policies.

Farahat and Co have an extensive team of experts providing outsourced or co-sourced internal audit staff who have experience advising businesses like yours about risk management and regulatory and legal compliance through the use of the latest technology as per the industrial standards.

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internal audit services

Internal Audit Services Offered by Farahat and Co

An internal audit aims to provide a systematic and disciplined approach to a company's risk management policies and how to implement them effectively. Our team of dedicated internal auditors, CPA and chartered accountants are up to date with the industry standards of internal audit. Our auditors help businesses across the UAE to develop a potential internal audit process in line with regulatory internal audit compliance. Some of the core services that Farahat and Co provide are as follows:

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internal audit services Dubai

Are You Looking for the Best Internal Audit Services in Dubai?

Farahat and Co are one of the top internal audit firms in UAE. Having shared decades of expertise in internal and external audits, we help businesses in the UAE strategies and implement control measures effectively. We have seen a growing demand for internal audits in recent years due to government regulations and an increase in the number of investments in businesses. Our team helps you detect lapses within your company's processes before external auditors discover them.

We meticulously strive to train our team of experts to the highest industry stands for risks, frauds and compliances using the latest methodologies and information technology. Learn more about how you can transform your business from a reactive to a proactive model through a robust internal control process. Click here to book a consultation today.