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Trademark Search in UAE

Trademark Search UAE

Before filing a trademark application, it’s essential for you to conduct a comprehensive initial search of all relevant trademark databases. A trademark search will help assess whether your proposed mark can be registered by unearthing similar or identical registered marks. Applying for the registration of an identical/similar mark is costly, especially when the owner of the registered trademark files a lawsuit against you for attempting to infringe upon his/her rights.

Farahat & Co.’s trademark search service will offer you with verified information you need in making critical trademark decisions. Our team of IP experts and IT specialists provide market-leading search coverage, quality, and expertise. Reduce your risk of going through a costly and time-consuming trademark conflict with precise, reliable, and thorough search results.

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Trademark Searching Service

Trademark Search Service in UAE

When an application for trademark registration is filed with the UAE Ministry of Economy (MOE), expert examiners evaluate the eligibility of the proposed mark for registration. After it is given clearance to proceed to the next stage, an application will then be evaluated for its intended and current uses. Upon approval, a mark has to go through an opposition period, wherein other parties can choose to oppose to the eligibility of its registration.

Securing your intellectual property rights is indeed a tedious process, which is why it is advisable that you seek the help of our team of trademark search experts. Also, approval from MOE doesn’t guarantee a logo, mark, or slogan’s uniqueness. Our expert search analysts will not only examine regional and international databases to identify potentially problematic marks and pre-published applications, but they’ll also increase the likelihood of a proposed trademark to get the approval of relevant authorities.

Trademark Searching Service UAE

Services Offered

Clients across the globe trust our trademark search service as our specialists offer:

  • Quality reporting – we provide clients with confidence as they register marks as they’re fully cross-referenced with accurate source data. The firm’s dedicated trademark specialists reviews MOE and international records to identify and correct errors before proposed trademarks enter government databases;
  • Comprehensive coverage – our experienced search analysts search for confusingly similar or identical marks for goods and services across local, state, and international trademark databases;

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