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Trademark Watch Service

Trademark Watch Service Dubai, UAE

Covering worldwide jurisdictions, Farahat & Co.’s Trademark Watching service provides you with the necessary tools and data to act against similar/identical registered, unregistered, and pending marks. Our trademark analysts make use of state-of-the-art, proprietary technology in processing figurative and verbal trademarks published across the globe to identify similarities in registered marks and pending applications. Our expert analysts review watch results thoroughly to ensure your brand and intellectual rights have proper safeguards.

The coverage of our Trademark Watching service includes transliterations and translations of character marks in different languages, as well as the monitoring of goods and services. The scope and parameters of a trademark watch can be tailored, depending on your preferred territorial coverage/jurisdiction. We can also limit or expand the watch coverage, depending on your specific needs and expectations.

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Trademark Watch Service Dubai

Advantage of Hiring Us

The significant advantages of acquiring the help of our experienced watching analysts and IT/tech team include:

  • Timely reports
  • Expert vetting to remove irrelevant notices
  • Expert advisory on objection filing and representation
  • Volume discounts

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Services Offered

As a market-leading Trademark Watch service provider, our clients rely on our intellectual property (IP) experts and superior technology for the following:

  • Custom trademark watch – a custom trademark watch monitors your specified jurisdictions. This custom package allows you to manage your resources as you’ll only receive reports from your chosen territorial coverage;
  • Focused trademark watch – a focused trademark watch is for a brand owner interested in monitoring a single jurisdiction. Our watch experts ensure pre-publication applications and filings published for opposition are covered;

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