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Valuation and Modelling Services

Valuation and Modelling Services

Valuations and financial modelling are crucial for most aspects of businesses, from financing and transactions to litigation, compliance, and strategic management; however, they don’t operate in a vacuum!

Valuation and modelling, to be truly beneficial and useful, should reflect and comply with the latest accounting, regulatory, and tax codes.

For over a decade, our Valuation and Modeling team helped clients develop business models in evaluating potential implications and returns across a wide range of market scenarios and businesses. Our specialists have also measured and understood successfully the value of assets in the current rigorous regulatory environment.

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Our Valuation and Modelling Advisory team is adept at handling:

Commercial or Deal-Related Valuations

  • Negotiation support and business valuation for any potential or on-going transaction
  • Valuation of joint venture contributions
  • Valuation support for intellectual property or intangible asset
  • Independent validation and review of management valuation estimates
  • Analysis and assessment of equity investment impact on business valuation (pre- and post-money valuation)

Dispute-related Valuations

  • Litigation support with expert valuation determinations, opinions, or reports
  • Shareholder agreement valuations
  • Act as ‘Independent Expert or Valuation Expert Witness’

IPO Business Plan Valuations and Review

  • Assist management in the development of a strong, robust equity story
  • Preparation of a detailed 5-year financial model or business plan as per tax, accounting, and regulatory guidelines
  • Pre-IPO valuations of businesses
  • Preparation of comprehensive reports for submission to the regulatory authorities
  • Independent valuations

Operational and Strategic Decision Support

  • Investment appraisal
  • Strategic option review and assessment (including buy vs. build)
  • Value impact of latest structural business changes (including restructuring, divestitures, M&A, and IPO); and
  • Assessment of optimal capital structure

Portfolio Valuation Assistance

  • Periodic portfolio valuations – insightful and timely investor and financial reporting, including the tracking of value change and performance against an original investment thesis
  • Post-investment reviews – the review of recalibrated forecast and actual returns to the original deal thesis and benchmark
  • Review of practices, controls, and methodologies for business valuations

Valuations for Restructuring or Tax Purposes

  • Intangible asset or business unit valuations
  • Valuations suited for the submission to regulatory authorities
  • Valuation of financial instruments and debt; and
  • Asset backed funding valuations

Financial Reporting Valuations

  • Purchase price allocations
  • Impairment testing
  • Valuations of unlisted investments (including for PE, family groups, Pension funds, Sovereign Wealth)

Model Build Solutions

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) business plans
  • Joint ventures, M&As, and divestitures
  • Infrastructure projects including tariff pricing and feasibilities for regulators and banks
  • Financial planning including preparation and analysis of business case
  • Real estate feasibility study to evaluate several different options of land use with the perspectives of investors and developers alike
  • Budgeting and allocation of capital
  • Restructures, reorganizations, and operational improvements
  • Capital refinancing and raising

Model Review Solutions

  • Independent review of business financial models in order to increase credibility of model outputs, and avoid consequences and costs associated with inappropriate decisions that are undertaken on faulty model basis
  • Review accounting and tax treatments within models

Other Solutions

With over a decade of offering Business Valuation and Financial Modeling services, our team is composed of financial experts, professional valuation analysts, auditors, and business consultants who have learned everything that they know from hands-on, practical experience. Farahat & Co.’s experts work with multi-national corporations, government entities, small businesses, insurance companies, independent adjustment firms, and individuals.

Valuation and Modelling Services

Reliable Business Valuations and Financial Models

Because of our proven experience and expertise in providing realistic and accurate valuations, as well as specialized financial modelling services that can be relied on, our in-house team of specialists is trusted by commercial organizations, buyers, and business owners as an unbiased and objective third party. Don’t waste your time and contact us TODAY for a full valuation analysis and expert financial modelling!

We’ve handled various complex and tedious business valuation cases from sales and purchase agreements (SPA) and Initial Public Offerings up to partnership or shareholder disputes and 3rd party liability matters and issues amongst others. The strong valuation and modelling experience of our dedicated specialists bring forth beneficial long-term decisions and great results.

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