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Valuations Service

Valuations Service

Value creation is on top of every corporate agenda. Crucial decisions that relate to mergers and acquisitions (M&As), raising debt, disposal of businesses, group restructures, tax planning, strategic decision-making or leveraging intellectual property eventually lead to pivotal questions on “value.”

To get a full understanding on the value of a business or an asset, enlist the help of dedicated and experienced industry experts and valuation specialists. Farahat & Co.’s Valuations team offers insightful and independent advice related to value measurement for compliance purposes, analyses of strategic options and alternatives in order to maximize value, and valuations for business decision-making.

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Assistance Offered

Farahat & Co.’s Valuations team offers assistance to stakeholders and company management for any transaction in order to provide estimates on the deal price for both the buy-side and the sell-side. Additionally, our Valuations service includes impartial valuation advice to assist clients with investment decision processes, whether for initial screenings or parts of due diligence assessments.

Portfolio Valuation

All stakeholders expect reports on the performance of portfolio companies and alternative investments. We offer valuation services to private equity firms, institutional investors, and family offices with respect to their investment portfolios, including equity investments and underlying debt, operating divisions, real estate, infrastructure, and any unlisted, illiquid asset.

Expert Determination, Litigation, and Disputes

The valuation of shares and businesses in disputes can be contentious and complex as parties involved typically have conflicting views or are governed by pre-agreed terms of contract. We can act for one party or as the independent experts appointed jointly by the parties or by the Court in order to opine on aspects related to valuation.

Financial Reporting

Fair value is now becoming more important as it’s used as the measurement standard for purposes related to financial reporting. For this reason, our Valuations team offers support to clients for asset and liability fair value assessment, as well as purchase price allocations and impairment testing in accordance with the applicable accounting standards.

Restructuring and Turnaround

Whether for commercial or financial reasons, the restructuring of a business is an extremely difficult and complex process. We’re working closely with Debt Advisory and Business Restructuring experts in advising management, debt providers, shareholders, trustees, and other business creditors undergoing restructuring, with regards to value realization strategies for stakeholders, and security valuations.

Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property

Our team has over a decade of experience in the valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property; and dealing with valuation and commercial issues distinct to intellectual property, as well as the impact on financial reporting including requirements on purchase price allocations.

IPO Valuation

The consideration and decision to make a company public requires a tremendous amount of effort and resources from the majority of business departments. This is why our Valuations team provides assistance and independent assessment of business valuations, working closely with teams on Transaction Services and Corporate Finance Advisory.

Options and Derivatives

Valuing options as well as other financial derivates is an extremely complex and time-consuming task. Our in-house Valuations specialists can assist you with the valuations of such items for transactional, commercial, and financial reporting purposes.

Tax Valuation

Valuation is one of the key components in tax analysis. Tax valuation is both subjective and complex; furthermore, it needs to reflect an entire case law body, which imposes different frameworks that are essential in commercial valuation. Ignoring such frameworks can potentially result in high tax costs. That being said, you require the help of Valuations experts who have a deep understanding of case law and has experience on governing tax valuation.

Valuations Service

Reliable Business Valuations and Financial Models

Farahat & Co. has the right team of Valuation experts to support you. Trust us to deliver robust views and advice on value as the in-house specialists of the firm fully understand the key drivers of value, as well as what challenges it.

Our Valuations service is provided by seasoned technical and industry specialists who are all dedicated to offering you the most responsive service and comprehensive valuations.