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Update on trademark registration and enforcement cost

The latest move initiated by the UAE Ministry of the economy has issued an administrative order to decrease and waive some of the official fees associated with their trademark registration Dubai, UAE and enforcement services.

Significant increase in official fees of the trademark has urged trademark officials to consider reform to this decision. Waiving of the nominal fees across the commercial departments can be in part attributed to the reduction of illegitimate marks filed in bad faith and those filed with an intention to benefit from the preexisting mark.

According to the decision, both the previous and newly revised official fees for registration, renewal and other services are outlined in the table below:

Trademark Registration Cost
 Service Current official fee in AED Old official fee in AED
Filing1000(no change)1000
Publication for both accepted and renewed applications1000 (no change)1000
Registration6700 (reduced)10000
Renewal6700 (reduced)10000
Inspection of infringing trademarkwaived2000
Official gazette monthly subscription feewaived1200
Grievance appeal before trademark committeewaived5000
Request for cancellation of a trademark for all goods services or part of goods and services.waived500
Request for extension to submit claiming priority document based on Paris convention to the trademark officewaived500
Change or appoint of trademark attorney/representative for a trademark applicationwaived1000

Enforcement services cost

  • Investigation cost: In addition to the abovementioned cost officials at the UAE Ministry of Economy also recognize the need to offer an accessible and proactive enforcement system. A decision is made to waive the official fees associated with any request or application made by trademark owners to officials at the Trademark Office to investigate incidents of trademark infringement.
  • Protection cost: Registered trademark owners in the UAE also benefited from the waiver of certain fees as they are no longer required to a paid fee to seek protection from parallel import by virtue of issuing administrative circulars to notify registered commercial agencies rights to border authorities, i.e. UAE Customs.


Trademark Registration UAE

The above-mentioned fees were previously mandatory following administrative enforcement action is taken before the Ministry of Economy in anti-counterfeiting and infringement.

This new decision is keen to see trademark owners benefit from these new amendments and urges all professionals in the IP field to encourage enhanced protection which is both affordable and aligned with international standards. We have just mentioned an estimation of new changes in trademark fees if you want to determine the exact cost contact Farahat and co for further consultation.

Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.