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Registration of trademark period in UAE

The entire process of trademark registration Dubai may take a year to but may vary depending on classes of goods and services applied or a number of oppositions received. Although the average time will mostly depend on the country for registration of trademarks There are some common factors that will impact your time frame to successful registration and an examination might help identify areas to speed up the process.

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A certain amount of time is required for some procedures for registration of trademarks include:

Complete the Application

The very first step in a trademark registration process is to fill out the proper application. Before doing this, you should have conducted a trademark search to make sure that no other companies have already filed a trademark for the same sign or symbol.


The initial review process after the application is filed. Usually, this process takes the required time months and is determined by the number of applicants being reviewed.


If there is an issue with the application, the applicant will need to respond to any request for additional information. This can take up to additional time.


Publication in an official newspaper also takes some time to complete the trademark application.

Certificate of Registration

Issues concerning dispatching of the certificate of registration need required time to complete the trademark process.

Factors causing a delay in registration of the trademark

Initial search delay

The quality of the brand name chosen plays a strong role in the time frame to get a trademark successfully registered. The proposed name should not conflict with an existing mark for similar goods and services. This may cause rejection of your proposed mark and ultimately may cause a delay in the registration process. In a similar way, marks that are considered descriptive for your goods and services will not head towards registration and slow down the progress.

Long clearance for the new trademark

The trademark application period officially begins after initiating registration but a potential new brand will consume time and resources in terms of product research, and branding ideas.

Incorrect information

The completion of the application is in itself a common source of delay with each trademark office having their own rules and regulation regarding the procedure of filling forms. Care was taken in filling out the relevant forms and ensuring that all the details correct and that they fulfil requirements can save a lot of time in the overall registration process

Missed Deadlines for Correspondence

Missing deadlines to reply or provide further information or details can not only slow down your application but in some cases, can slow up the entire registration process.

Unpaid or Incorrect costs

The system for payment of fees varies. In some cases, payment is required with the application and in others, there is a period of time to pay the relevant fees. Further confusion can be caused when making payments in different ways (for e.g. by cheque, bank draft or exchange rate) this can have a significant impact on the length of time application will take.

Opposed Applications

If any third party finds your trademark objectionable and files opposition to registration, the person objecting the trademark has to give sufficient grounds to block the registration of your trademark. The grounds for opposing the trademark registration may cause a delay in the progress.

Multi-Class Applications

Applications to register a trademark across more than one class may take longer for the trademark officers to process but the impact that this can have will vary from country or geographical area in which the trademark is to be registered.

Delay in approving certification of registration

Dispatching the Certificate of Registration may consume a required amount of time if the documents presented are not in conformity with the law. Clearances from relevant authorities are needed for confirming the registration of trademarks

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Ways to simplify trademark registration:

  • Conduct a comprehensive search before registering a trademark to discover the possible conflicts related to trademarks.
  • Respond to office actions quickly and thoroughly to satisfy examiners concerns.

Consulting an intellectual property attorney who specializes in this area of law and aware of the current regulations. Farahat and co can help you complete and file your application in the best way to ensure your mark gets the protection it needs and your application gets through the registration process with as few delays as possible. Contact us if you are looking for a speedy registration process.

Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.