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What Is the Trademark Registration Fee In UAE?

Intellectual property is an essential part of the company. It helps the company in gaining its own identity and the trademark registration rights help the brands and businesses in having an authority to own the identity of the company.


A trademark can be a symbol, a logo, a name or anything that distinguishes your business from other trade names. Companies can register their own trademarks by following some simple steps but if the company is still not able to register a trademark, the trademark registration consultants can be consulted. The trademark registration firms in UAE are also working on this issue wholeheartedly.

What is the difference between the TM and R?

Cost of Trademark Registration In UAE

Every good thing comes with a cost and so is the case with Dubai trademark registration. You have to pay some amount as a fee to get the rights over your trademark. Farahat and Co. are providing the people with the legal solutions regarding the trademark registration UAE. Oh, wait! It is not just about UAE but also the whole world. Yes, you can get the trademark services all over the world by this internationally recognized firm easily.

How Much Money Do You Need to Pay for Your Trademark Registration In UAE?

The fee of trademark registration UAE is almost AED 10003/-. Other than the registration fee itself, there are some extra charges in the process of trademark registration in UAE. These charges may vary from firm to firm. Different firms have different ways of carrying out the tasks and for those tasks, every firm charges a different amount of money.

Extra tasks may include the search of trademark, translation of logo, translation of documents in Arabic, Trademark application filing, publication in the newspaper, publication in the official gazette etc.

Where Do You Need to Register Your Trademark?

For trademark registration in Dubai, you need to take the help of the ministry of economy. This will be a push towards your first step of searching your trade name.

How much time does it take for a trademark to get registered?

For a trademark to get registered, a month’s time would be needed. The availability of the trademark and any opposition can also have an impact on the duration of UAE trademark registration.

Is an Attorney Needed for Trademark Registration?

An attorney can do the trademark registration in Dubai, UAE but if someone wants to register the company’s trademark on their own, they can certainly do that.

What Else is Required for A Trademark Application?

For trademark application in UAE, you would be needing the following;

  • A power of attorney
  • A completed search on trademark
  • Copy of the trademark in JPEG format.
  • Copy of ID proof

Trademark Registration Requirements & Process

Application Form

An application form is needed so that the initial search can be carried out and submitted to the trademark registration office.

Submit the Documents

Submit the application and attach all the required documents with it.

Pay the Fees

For filing the trademarks, the company must pay the registration fees.

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Trademark Publishing in Newspapers

The trademark will then get published in 2 local newspapers by the Trademarks Registrar Office.

Opposition Notice

If any other party is interested in opposing the trademark, it would do so within the 30 days after the publishing of the trademark in the newspaper.

Decision About Opposition

In case of any opposition filed within 30 days of publishing trademark in the Newspapers, the decision regarding the opposition will be appealed at the Ministry Committee.

Certificate Issuance

If there is no opposition filed against the published trademark, the trademark and the certificate of registration will be issued.

Trademark Registration Dubai

The business owners should know how important it is to protect the business and its name. There can come a lot of rivals which may steal your company name and leave you barehanded. This is why the facility and laws of trademark registration have been initiated so that the people may protect their trade name or trademark.

As mentioned above, you would be needing a lot of research on your trademark to get registered. If you think you would not be having enough time for such functions, Farahat and Co. will help you do so. It will not only carry out the paperwork on your behalf but also carry out the research for trademark registration in UAE. This means nothing but giving all your worries in the hands of Farahat and Co. This skilled firm has helped a lot of businesses in their trademark registration and so should you if you want to be the next.

FAR will conduct the background search for you, thus you will be able to attain the highest level of success. This is because, without a good trademark, your business would lack behind. So, go for trademark registration without any delay.

Register Trademark of a Brand Name In UAE

Consult Trademark Attorneys

For your trademark registration, go to trademark registration services attorneys for help. They will register your trademark and will advise you about your business. The services of FAR can be taken in different states of UAE as per the need of the client.

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