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Cost of Trademark Registration In UAE

The most crucial thing is to safeguard your brand. However, registering a trademark, brand, or copyright in the UAE might not be accessible at best. It will save you work hours if you can find a professional firm familiar with the procedures required for corporate trademark registration in UAE. As starting a company in the UAE will occupy plenty of your time, Farahat & Co. offers the paperwork and research you need to register your Trademark in the UAE with the least amount of hassle and effort on your side. Get assistance regarding the cost of trademark registration in the UAE from a reputed and professional Trademark agent in Dubai with a track record of successful commercial operations.

What is Trademark?

A Trademark is everything that includes:

  1. A distinctive shape of names, words, signatures, letters, Symbols, numbers, seals, Drawings, Pictures, Engravings, packaging, graphic elements, forms, colour or colors, or a combination thereof.
  2. A sign or a group of signs, including three-dimensional marks, Hologram Marks, or any other mark used or intended to be used to distinguish the goods or services of a facility from the goods or services of other facilities or to indicate the performance of a service, or to conduct monitoring or examination of goods or services.
  3. A distinctive sound or smell may be considered a Trademark.

Terms & Conditions for Trademark Registration in the UAE

  1. The owner of the Trademark, if they have a domicile in the nation, or another registered agent, such as a Professional Trademark Firm listed in the Trademark Registration Agent Register, must apply for trademark registration.
  2. Those made by organizations based in the nation's free zones will be given the same consideration as requests made by people who reside there.
  3. An application may be submitted for one class or several classes in line with the international categorization of products and services.
  4. Through the electronic facilities of the Competent Administration, a trademark registration application must be filed using a particular form created for this purpose.

Different registration costs apply when a single application is submitted for numerous courses.

Information Necessary for Registration Application

The following information should be included in the registration application:

  1. A picture of the registration mark.
  2. The applicant's name, residence, nationality, and occupation, if any. Additionally, their name, address, and nationality must be stated if the applicant is a legal person.
  3. The application's registered agent's name, contact information, and address.
  4. A detailed explanation of the Trademark that will be registered.
  5. The class of goods and services for which the Trademark must be registered.
  6. Any further information that the Ministry specifies.

Documents to Support the Registration Application

  • Trademark Logo
  • Trade license Copy
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Priority Document
  • Passport Copy
  • Other Attachments

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How Much Does a Trademark Cost in UAE?

You must pay the registration costs for trademarks after submitting your application. It costs AED 8,700 currently. The official fees are subject to change, so be careful to confirm the price before submitting your application. The cost of registering a trademark in this class is for a single trademark. Additional registration costs will be incurred if you want to register additional trademarks or your Trademark in different classes. Along with the cost of trademark publication in two regional newspapers, there can be extra expenses for translations and legal counsel.

Procedure for Trademark Registration in the UAE

1. Examining and Making a Decision Regarding the Application:

The Competent Administration must review registration applications to ensure that they are not identical to or confusingly similar to a trademark that has already been registered.

2. Publication of a Trademark in the Ministry's Bulletin

Upon acceptance of the trademark registration application by the Ministry, the applicant is responsible for the cost of publishing the application in the Ministry's bulletin. The publishing happens within (30) thirty days of the applicant being notified that their application was accepted.

3. Opposition to a Trademark Registration

After paying the required costs, any interested person may submit a valid objection to the registration of a trademark using the electronic facilities of the Competent Administration within (30) thirty days of the day the Trademark was published in the bulletin issued by the Ministry.

4. Waiver or Modification of Trademark Registration Application: 

The applicant can revoke their trademark registration request at any moment. A trademark re-filing request is handled as a new application. After the trademark registration application, including the class, has been published in the Ministry's bulletin or at any later point, it cannot be modified.

5. Final approval of registration

 The decision to accept a registration is final after (30) thirty days have passed following the publication in the pertinent bulletin issued by the Ministry without the filing of an opposition to its registration or based on a decision rendered by the appropriate court regarding the said Trademark. The applicant must pay the trademark registration fee within (30) thirty days after the objection to the trademark registration period's expiration. The trademark registration will take effect as of the filing date listed in the trademark register.

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Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.