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What You Need to Register Your Brand in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is among the fastest growing nations across the globe. Myriads of local and foreign businesses do their utmost in taking advantage of the talent pool the country offers. For years, more and more SMEs and large corporations see the UAE as an economic hub, providing a lucrative market not only for offline sales but online as well.

Naturally, there is a stronger demand and need for trademark registration UAE. As you may already know, lucrative markets without the necessary protection offered by a registered mark can be very costly and risky.

Requirements for UAE Trademark Registration

In order to register a mark, the general requirements include:

  • Request for the registration of a unique brand or mark
  • Applicant name, address, and contact details
  • Representation of the proposed mark
  • List of items or services which will be covered by the mark
  • Proof of payment for the prescribed fees
  • Power of attorney for filing a trademark registration application

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Steps to take to Register a Trademark in UAE

Here are the steps to follow in order to register your brand in the country and protect it from potential trademark infringers:

  • Filing of the trademark registration application

It is advised that you work closely with trademark specialists in UAE in order to make sure you have the required documents necessary. Experts on trademark registration services in UAE can review the documentation for you and check for any errors. This is very crucial as any correction to a trademark registration application can result to a delay with the application process.

The filing of your trademark registration application should be done with the Ministry of Economy UAE. The application should be in either Arabic or English. After you have submitted the application to the regulatory body, they will begin the official examination.

  • Trademark search and examination

The officers of the UAE Ministry of Economy will search their database in order to check if your proposed trademark is already in use or registered. It is advised to also do a trademark search prior to submitting of a trademark registration application. This is because a proposed mark that's similar to an already registered mark or a brand that is protected by common law rights will be rejected.

During the authority's trademark search and examination, the ministry will also be checking if your brand or mark is fully compliant to local regulations. All trademarks are to follow the standards set by the MOE. For instance, a trademark should not be deceptive or immoral. Additionally, it's not to be in conflict or confusingly similar to well established brands and marks.

If your mark does not meet the regulations or criteria for trademark registration, then the application is likely to be rejected.

  • Trademark publication

The trademark that is approved by the MOE will be published for a prescribed period of time in the local newspapers. During this time, existing companies and private individuals may oppose the registration of your brand, should they find so necessary.

  • Registration of the mark

If no one is found in opposition of your mark's registration, then you will be issued a certificate of trade mark registration. The certificate will contain the following:

  • Trademark holder's name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Details regarding the authorized representative
  • Copy of the trademark
  • Details regarding the approved trademark
  • Items or services that are covered by the registered brand
  • Claim for a convention priority, as needed

For those who are running a business within the UAE, it is advised to perform trademark registration in UAE with the guidance of trademark specialists.

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Trademark specialists in UAE

We recognize that brands bring significant worth onto a business. Our team is dedicated in ensuring our clients possess valuable business assets such as trademarks. We also understand you have options as you select the legal professionals that aid you with the process. To that end, the firm offers a consultation so you are able to assess how our trademark specialists will be able to address your needs and requirements.

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At Farahat & Co, we will conduct thorough trademark searches with all available databases. This is to ensure your proposed mark is unique and no similar mark has been registered previously with the authorities. A trademark search UAE is a critical aspect with a trademark registration process, as it can save you substantial costs. Should the searches uncover marks that are similar, our experts can offer expert advice on the best route to take with the trademark registration application.

If you want to know more regarding the process and how we can help you secure your brand, call us here in Farahat & Co! Our seasoned team of trademark experts would love to discuss your unique situation. We're dedicated in giving only the best services possible.