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Trademark Registration Expenses

The expense of registering a trademark depends upon what category your business falls under and the exact products or services that require trademark protection.

The expense of a trademark registration UAE may depend upon the following factors:

  • Number of classes of goods or services
  • Number of rejections
  • The expense may vary according to the geographical coverage of goods or services provided

Different types of expenses involved under trademark registration

1- Legal expenses

Legal expenses are associated with involving a professional for conducting a trademark search and providing writing opinions on behalf of the owner of the trademark. Some of the legal expenses may include:

  • Trademark search expense
  • Drafting reply to an Examination report
  • consultation
  • Preparation of Counterstatement if opposed.

2- Government expenses

Government expenses mostly include the expenses involved during the registration process

3- Trademark application expense

The total expense of the application is based on the number of goods or service categories selected.  These categories are chosen on the basis of the goods and services related to trademark

4- Registration expenses

There are different expenses that will be charged for marks, a series of marks, and associated marks and they will be charged for each class.

Expenses incurred for rejections:

Sometimes the application filed may get rejected by the government.  The reason for the objected marks by the government is because of the already existing brand name or logo symbol. Every person registering a trademark should use a unique name or symbol.

1- Opposition expenses

Any opposition during the registration process, there will likely be extra fees involved.  There may be a variety of official fees involved, along with professional charges for assisting in these processes

2- Renewal expenses

Once your trademark has been registered, you will need to pay a renewal fee every decade before the expire day, to make sure you retain indefinite protection.

Expenses incurred for office action

A trademark office may reject the application because of any conflicting marks or due to already existing marks. Expenses may vary depending on the number of rejections and oppositions received for trademark

Expenses incurred from multiple class of goods

A class is a type of goods or services where your trademark appears. Trademark costs are the number of objects or types of services you want to register. Filing a separate trademark application for every class may involve different expenses

Trademark Registration Additional expenses

 1- Trademark maintenance

Trademark Office may require the applicant to file an intent to use a statement. A Statement of Use is simply a declaration from the applicant that they have actually started using their trademark in business. The Trademark Office charges as per the class of goods/services for filing the Statement of Use. Once the trademark is registered, the owner of the mark will also have to maintain your trademark registration Dubai to avoid cancellation. After a certain period of registration, you will have to file a “Declaration of Continued Use”, in which submitting a proof to the Trademark Office that the trademark is still in commercial use.

2- Expenses for extension

Any extensions required connected to your trademark will incur additional fees. These vary depending on nature and reason for the extension of time needed

3- Specific requirement expenses

A  logo or name/logo combination that meets specific requirements may incur the specific cost. A trademark design might cost different depending on the specification of the product.

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Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.