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Vendor Due Diligence and Vendor Assistance Service

Vendor Due Diligence and Vendor Assistance Service

Management teams considering a disposal need to optimize their decision’s outcome, but the preparation for a sale requires time-consuming preparation and expert management. Farahat & Co.’s Vendor Due Diligence and Vendor Assistance services are aimed at complimenting your existing resources and skills to help you address all matters and challenges associated with a disposal process.

Our dedicated Vendor Due Diligence and Vendor Assistance professionals utilize their broad sell-side experience to provide holistic and integrated solutions and help you establish effective and efficient ways in identifying and resolving issues company management face with divestitures.

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Vendor Due Diligence

Vendor Assistance and Vendor Assistance: Objectives

Our specialists work alongside clients, company management, and lead advisors throughout disposal processes to help:

  • Support company advisors and management in the planning, preparation, and implementation of the proposed transaction;
  • Identify issues and opportunities on time to ensure correct and timely steps are taken;
  • Provide the ‘regroup and fix’ option outside publicity glare;
  • Retain initiative and pace through the entire sale process; and
  • Add credibility to information, facts, and figures provided in sales memorandum

Vendor Due Diligence

Assistance Offered

Farahat & Co.’s approach is by offering assistance at every phase of the disposal, but the involvement of our experts can be as extensive or limited as a specific situation demands to ensure you don’t incur unnecessary services and/or expenditures. The scope of our tailored services includes, but not limited to:

Vendor Due Diligence

Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) is necessary when there’s competitive tension and various potential acquirers. With consistent data sets and robust, yet independent view, we’ll help you instill confidence in potential buyers.

Our in-house experts are adept at offering Vendor Due Diligence across several different industries. Farahat & Co.’s seasoned professionals based in the UAE will provide you with guidance that’s tailored and suitable for the unique requirements of every single disposal. Our comprehensive Vendor Due Diligence service utilizes the extensive disposal process experience of our experts in helping you setup efficient carve-outs, divestitures, and/or disposals.

As we work closely with clients, we enable them in retaining control throughout a disposal process and ensure reduction on disruption to existing businesses. The Vendor Due Diligence service offering of the firm can cover multiple areas, depending on the requirements and needs of vendors and bidders, which typically include tax, financial (future and historical), strategic, commercial, and operational aspects.

The key to a successful sale process, Vendor Due Diligence is necessary in scenarios such as:

  • The auction process involves numerous potential purchasers;
  • Disruption to businesses must be avoided;
  • Maintenance of privacy and confidentiality is critical and timetable is tight;
  • Nature of the disposal is complex and you must retain control over the level of information requests or questions from potential purchasers; and
  • Due diligence is a pre-requisite for bidders of the transaction

Vendor Assistance

The Vendor Assistance service of Farahat & Co. optimizes efficiencies in disposals through the provision of coordinated services that are each tailored to the needs of clients in complimenting existing resources and skills, and in evaluating and addressing issues and challenges throughout the transaction process.

As with our Vendor Due Diligence, you can expect our involvement with your disposal process to be as extensive or limited as your specific situation demands. The reason behind this is to maximize our added value, while minimizing costs and making sure you don’t spend resources on services you’re capable of performing. Our Vendor Assistance service includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Project management;
  • Transactional readiness review;
  • Portfolio review;
  • Commercial or operational review;
  • Planning and implementation of separation;
  • Tax review and structure;
  • Treasury support; and
  • Advisory on final reporting procedures

Farahat & Co.’s Vendor Assistance team also supports with:

  • The preparation of historical financial information wherein we apply analytical tools to increase your efficacy and efficiency;
  • Development of a clear, properly supported financial plan and vision of how remaining business will start operating after a divestiture;
  • Ensuring proper preparation and planning on a financial, strategic, and operational level;
  • Highlighting of future value for the potential buyers; and
  • Identification and resolution of issues and concerns early in the disposal process to ensure they don’t cause undue delay and jeopardize the deal

Vendor Due Diligence

Our Commitment

The Vendor Due Diligence and Vendor Assistance Services of Farahat & Co. help private equity funds and corporate clients ensure they gain a competitive advantage, attain a fully-priced, clean divestment, and achieve value from the transaction.

We optimize your divestment decision’s outcome and manage time and resources needed for disposal preparation. Farahat & Co.’s dedicated Vendor Due Diligence and Vendor Assistance professionals and their operational and financial disposal expertise help you get the highest value from your project. Trust us to provide you with bespoke solutions that will result in the success and completion of disposals.

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