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Acquisition Due Diligence Service

Acquisition Due Diligence Service

Acquisition due diligence determines whether or not financial information of a target company reflects the reality, and ensures clients focus on and identify factors in business that are critical to its success and future. A thorough Acquisition Due Diligence process helps you understand a deal and/or a business’ dynamics, value drivers, motives, risks, synergies, and ultimately, pricing.

At Farahat & Co., we focus our Acquisition Due Diligence service on key areas that have a significant impact on value. Our team of specialists leverages their deep local and national transactions experience in uncovering hidden opportunities and risks in order to help maximize value captured. Our team of senior finance and accounting specialists helps buyers in:

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Acquisition Due Diligence: Objectives

Acquisition Due Diligence service

The objectives of our Acquisition Due Diligence service can be categorized into three stages in an M&A lifecycle.

Preliminary Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Identification of business risk(s)
  • Research of contact target and scouting issues
  • Make the go or no-go decision

Detailed Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Analysis of data room, as well as other relevant external information
  • Deal valuation, structure, and integration
  • Make the go or no-go decision

Final Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Obtain the signed Definitive Agreements
  • Organize for integration
  • Arrive at favorable final pricing and close terms

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Acquisition Due Diligence Service

Areas that our Acquisition Due Diligence Service Address & Evaluate

Every transaction is unique. This means the depth of the due diligence that’s needed on a certain topic varies, depending on a deal’s dynamics and the company. Still, certain matters pertaining to due diligence are included in transactions. Here are the areas that our Acquisition Due Diligence service address and evaluate:

Preliminary Due Diligence

  • Review of Offering Memorandum (if any)
  • Preliminary or initial valuation
  • Analysis of relevant data
  • Identification of core specialists and team
  • Collection of external data
  • Development of business case
  • Getting management approval; and
  • Preliminary non-binding expression of interest (EOI) for the auction process

Detailed Due Diligence

  • Refining of valuation
  • Site visit and analysis
  • Deal structure development
  • Identification of integration manager
  • Provision of due diligence reports
  • Submission of final term/bid sheet

Final Due Diligence

  • Collection of outstanding data
  • Data analysis
  • Negotiation of definitive agreements
  • Evaluation and analysis of final contract
  • Development and review of deal structure and warranties
  • Reaching of final terms
  • Execution of closing agreements
  • Integration planning

Acquisition Due Diligence service

A Professional and Targeted Acquisition Due Diligence Approach

Whether you’re considering of buying with exclusivity a business up for auction or thinking of undertaking a speculative approach, you’ll maximize your ability in making an informed buying or investment decision with a swift and thorough analysis regarding key issues.

Our focused Acquisition Due Diligence service, starting from transaction screening and origination up to the execution of closing agreements and integration planning, will deliver you high-quality analyses required in supporting buying or lending decisions. The Acquisition Due Diligence specialists of Farahat & Co. can cover the following disciplines: tax, financial, integrity, operational and IT, strategy and commercial, and environmental and sustainability by leveraging their local and national experience and resources.

In an ever-changing and complex business environment, our in-house experts can help you in the assessment and analysis of available information to guide you as you make informed business decisions and extract value from every transaction. Farahat & Co.’s due diligence expertise is complemented by functional and industry experts. Call us TODAY to consult with our seasoned experts on Acquisition Due Diligence.