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How to register Trademark Under Multiple Categories

UAE law allows the companies to file a single trademark registration Dubai which covers goods and services covering multiple categories. Although the fees for all the separate categories are different, the good thing is, it is allowed.

Why should the companies go for Registering a Trademark under multiple categories?

It is a better and efficient way to file a single trademark for different goods and services during company formation in the UAE. It extends the service area of the company and helps it in providing a number of services which may be different from one another. Providing services in more than one class makes the company efficient and well-organized. If the company has to go for a single application, the applicant will only enter their information for once. Along with the information of the applicant, the mark, as well as the correspondent information, is entered as well.

When the company goes for the multiclass application filing, it gets to save money. This is because the applicant only pays for a single class at its initial filing. After that, action will be issued which will make the applicant pay for the remaining classes. If any rejection is faced by any particular class, the applicant can then reject that class or classes without paying its initial filing.

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What are the drawbacks of Registering a Trademark under multiple categories?

There are some pitfalls in case of register a trademark under multiple classes.

  • Expensive filing

Filing for each class can become complicated during the initial filing. Also, if all of the classes are not in use, it will become expensive for the applicant to pay for them. If an applicant is ready to file for the use of only the class in use, he would have to file a request for the division of the parent application for the extension of the time for the class that is not yet in use of the applicant. Instead of that, the applicant can consider filing for both the classes. In this case, the applicant will not have to pay more fees for registration of a trademark in one class.

  • Time taking

Filing UAE trademark registration under multiple categories may take additional time to register as compared to a single application. This is because of Office Actions. If an applicant files an application having 3 classes and the Office Action raises an issue on one of the classes, the entire application will get delayed. This is because the applicant will move on to solving the issue with one of those three classes and their application will thus get delayed for all the other classes stated. So, while solving the issue of just one class, the application of the remaining two classes get affected as well.

  • Riskier

There are a number of risks associate with registering a trademark in multiple categories. More the number of categories more will be the chances of inaccuracy. More the inaccuracy more delays will cause.


What are the advantages of Registering a Trademark under multiple categories?

  • Cost-effective

For a multi-class registration, it would be better for the applicant to file a single application. This way an applicant can avoid paying more money. To get Dubai trademark registration filed for different classes in multiple applications can be a costly affair.

  • Time extension in applications

Filing the statements become easy to handle in this case. This makes the company or the applicant gets register earlier than the other way around.

  • Speedy payment

When the applicant files for the multiple classes, it gets to enable a speedy allowance for the classes where the Office Action has no objection. If there are any sort of objections to the classes. The allowance of the classes already separated wouldn’t held up.

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How to lesser risks for Trademark Registration Renewal?

Any risk that associate with the fraud or fault maintenance gets reduce. When the owner of the trademark renews the registration of the faulty class. The other applications of other classes still considered valid. This means that the applicant will only have to make the faulty application correct.

Everything has some pitfalls and then advantages. It is all up to us what we choose for ourselves. Same is the case with registering a trademark for multiple categories in UAE. When forming a business or expanding it. It recommended to secure your brand name as your business property right at the beginning. Delay in registering a Trademark in any categories that businesses covers, may give chance to competitors or cheaters in stealing it. You may be able to claim it later but that will be through a costly and time taking legal process only.

Trademark Registration Services

Do not forget to consult FAR before going for trademark registration of your brand. This is because experts always know what you should do to protect the identity of your company well and that better right from the start. Brand trademark registration is crucial and time taking matter. This process needed to initiated efficiently right from the beginning else it might cost you both the time and the money.

With FAR at your side, the trademark registration UAE can handle with great care.

Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.