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Deregistration of a Company in UAE : All Things to Know

Deregistration of Company in UAE

For the deregistration of company in UAE, you must first cancel all your permits and licenses. This is really important for all the companies who have decided to close down their companies in the UAE.

How to Close Down Your Business in a Proper Legal Manner

First of all, the government needs to know your reason behind deregistering a company. They must know why you no longer want to continue the company’s operations anymore. This step is mandatory as it saves the company from heavy fines and penalties on the license when it doesn't get renewed after its expiry date.

For a company with shareholders, discharging the liabilities and protecting the interests and shares is really important. So, to save the reputation of your business and to avoid fines, cancelling the license and permits is important.

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What Do You Need to Do in Order to Cancel Your Business License?

Your company form and structure are what decide the procedure for license cancellation. Such procedures are quite easier for sole proprietorships and establishments. This is because all that a company needs are to apply for the cancellation of the license through DED and get all the needed clearance forms.

Companies with shareholders have to go through long processes because before finalizing the real estate dispute, they have to clear all the debts and liquidate the shares properly.

Steps to deregister all types of companies (civil companies not included)

Stage 1:

  • Preparing the minutes of the assembly in order to confirm the liquidation of company in Dubai and the appointment of the liquidator
  • Arranging the official letter for accepting the duty by the registered liquidator
  • Applying for cancellation of the licenses by filling the forms through DED or through other proper mediums
  • Getting a certificate for the liquidation issued by DED
  • Publishing the liquidation notice in 2 local newspapers in the UAE
  • Submitting the claims after getting the grace period of 45 days.

Stage 2:

  • Submitting a declaration letter to DED from the liquidator as well as the partners of the company in order to indicate no objection from any of the concerned parties.
  • Collecting the necessary approval from the government entities for deregistering the company and canceling the license
  • Canceling the firm card of the company at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.
  • Canceling the visas of the foreign partners which were sponsored by the company at the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs
  • Submitting all the above-mentioned documents for getting approval for final deregistration.
  • Paying the fee
  • Receiving the company deregistration or cancellation certificate after paying the fee.

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Steps required for deregistering a company in the UAE

  • Filling out the cancellation or company deregistration form
  • Canceling the firm card of the company. This needs to be done at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.
  • Canceling the visas of the foreign partners at the concerned General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs
  • Collecting the cancellation approvals
  • Preparing a contract for the partnership cancellation. Note that it should be authenticated as well by the notary public
  • Submitting the above-mentioned documents and collecting the certificate of license cancellation.

Steps required for Deregistering a sole proprietorship license

This requires obtaining a no-objection certificate from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization along with a cancellation proof of residence (for non-golf residents).

Avoid fines and penalties

There are a lot of people who do not go through the legal processes of deregistering companies. They rather just stop paying the fees for renewing the license after its expiry date is reached. People need to know the fact that they may have to face heavy penalties and fines for not paying the fees. Therefore, it is better to deregister the company rather than not pay the fees.

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We all know the fact that how difficult it is to go through the troubles of liquidating a company. That is why FAR takes full responsibility for carrying out all the duties for liquidating the company. From paying the debts and settling each and everything, it will be by your side no matter what. That’s what makes it the best firm to count on when you want to deregister your company in UAE.

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