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What Entities in Dubai Should Know About UAE Tax Audit

UAE Tax Audit is a procedure by which the Federal Tax Authority inspects commercial records and any other information related to a Person Conducting Business. The FTA conducts tax audits in UAE to ensure that the government can assess whether a taxable entity has met the requirements and adhered to the VAT Laws.

The FTA conducts a tax audit to determine if taxable individuals have paid all liabilities. All tax due is collected by the FTA and given to the government within the timeframe. The Tax Procedures Law Article 17 allows the FTA to conduct a tax audit at the FTA's office, the business premises, or any other place the person does business (or places where records are kept or goods are stored).

What Is VAT? Tax Auditing In Dubai, UAE

It is a formal examination of the VAT Ledgers, Purchases, and Sales Ledgers by approved internal audit services Dubai agents. Zero-rated sales, Exempt Sales, and inspection of Purchase Tax Invoices. Jan-18 to March-18 This allows all taxes to be collected and cleared within the timeframe.

Companies in Dubai and UAE must file VAT returns. They should be properly prepared and recorded with the correct values in the appropriate boxes. internal audit service UAE agents can assist you with this and complete it within the time frame.

The most important thing is that the tax due be paid on or before the due date. According to FTA guidelines, an approved tax agent will help ensure that your entity is VAT compliant. This means that all transactions are valid and legal, and companies can run a safe and secure business.

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How Companies the UAE Tax Audit

When the FTA requests tax audits, tax consultants in Dubai can help businesses get organized. The professional guidance of consultants can help businesses feel more confident to face the UAE tax audit. Below are the top tips for preparing businesses to face tax audits in UAE.

System Review

The tax auditors will examine all tax-related transactions. Businesses need to ensure there are no inconsistencies in records. Businesses can have their systems reviewed by tax experts in Dubai, UAE, to make sure that transactions are properly recorded. Businesses must ensure that their accounting software complies with VAT accounting requirements.

Review of Calculations Tax

Businesses must focus on calculating input and output tax to ensure compliance with UAE VAT laws. With sufficient documentation support, many goods and services exempt from or subject to the standard UAE tax rate of 5% should be treated accordingly. GVC can help you maintain your compliance with the UAE VAT Law.

Examining VAT Returns

Businesses that are VAT registered must file their VAT return online via the FTA portal. Online submission of the VAT return involves submitting data such as sales, purchases, output VAT, and input VAT.

In the FTA portal, fill in the boxes for the VAT return form. The best VAT consultants in Dubai can help businesses ensure that returns are filed correctly. Tax consultants in Dubai are available to assist businesses in recording the correct values and filing the necessary information within the specified timeframe.

What Records UAE Companies Keep for Tax Records

Federal Decree-Law Article (78) states that a registered person must keep the following records in order to make them available to FTA when requested:

  • Keep records of all imports and supplies
  • Documents related to receipt of goods & services, including tax invoices
  • All tax credit notes received and all documents
  • All tax invoices and other documents
  • Record of goods and services disposed of in connection with business matters and records showing taxes paid to the same
  • Record of goods and services purchased and not subject to the Input Tax
  • Record of export goods and services
  • Keep records of any adjustments or corrections made on accounts or Tax Invoices.
  • Information about goods imported, along with Customs declarations or Supplier Invoices

This list is not complete, and the FTA might require additional documents. To ensure compliance with tax laws, consult the top tax agents in Dubai.

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Ervee is a CPA with international experience in Tax and Accounting. He has over 12 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping and over a year in VAT implementation, registration, and accounting in UAE. He regularly drives out inefficiencies in company operations and loves the challenge of helping clients find additional ways for an easier and improved compliance and verification of transactions.