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VAT return filing services

How to file VAT return in UAE?

VAT return filing services

If you are one of those people who have submitted more VAT than they were charged, they can file for the return of it.

How to file VAT return in UAE?

To file the return of the VAT in UAE, you need to file the application online. The main reason behind using the online means is that there is no manual way of filing the return of the VAT. That is why everyone who wants their VAT back will have to use the online way. so, if a person is in need, he must know the online services of VAT filing. This will help him in order to get his VAT back.

For the return of the VAT, a person needs to use the password and TIN that is provided to the person upon registration. He can use that password for the return of VAT by using the online website.

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How to apply for Vat Return?

For applying for the return of VAT in UAE, the person needs to use the electronic media through the DFTA portal – . in this way, the person gets to apply for the online VAT return services.

Here are some of the easy steps that are to be followed in order to apply for VAT return in UAE;

  1. Visit the portal

the first step that needs to be followed by the person is visiting the online portal of FTA at we already know the reason for using the online portal as there are no offline ways of approaching the FTA for the sake of VAT return filing in Dubai. That is why there is no other way rather than using the online portals for the application.

  1. Click the return filing

You will see a lot of options after visiting the online portal. After visiting the online portal, you will have to click on the option of return filing.  You will find this option basically under the e-services section.

  1. Log in FTA

Now the third step would be logging in to the service portal of FTA. There is nothing complex about logging in. All you need is to log in using your unique TIN and password. This will help you in logging in.

  1. Fill the form

After logging in, fill in your VAT form by using all the details that you are asked about. usually, you will be asked about your business details, transactions, tax liability, penalties (if any), etc. The sales and all other outputs moreover as on expenses and Upload the required documents, bills, etc. For the sake of filling the other inputs, you must fill them. all as follows:

  1. The net amounts excluding VAT
  2. The VAT amount

Filling the form is a very important thing that should not be neglected at all. people should pay a lot of attention while filling out their forms and they should b accurate without any mistake in it.

  1. Submit the form

Make sure that you review your form accurately before submitting it as there should be no mistakes in it at all. do not leave any space without filling it.

After you think that you are satisfied with your form, you can submit it.

As we all know that there are no chances of mistakes in such application form,s so we need to be extra careful about such things. This is the only way we can reduce the risk of any mistakes. After all, this, click on the submit button to submit your application form

  1. Last payment

You will see another tab named as my payments. You will have to pay your last payment through that option. another thing that you must pay attention to is the last date of the filing of the application. This is because there are chances that you submit your application and then come to know that the last date for the filing of the application has passed. So, it is always better to be on the safe side.

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Check the deadlines and work according to that or else your application will not be entertained.

Usually, people pay less than what is required of them but sometimes people pay more VAT then they have to. For such people, this facility has been developed so that they can get their VAT money back. Paying VAT is the responsibility of everyone who comes under the category and if someone doesn’t do so, he will be responsible for the consequences himself. So, it is better to perform your duties with all the heart and soul.

Make sure that you follow all the steps accordingly or else you would not be able to file your VAT return in UAE.

VAT Return Filing in UAE – NO COMPLEXITY


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