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Why is Trademark Registration Even Important?

Business setup in UAE includes a procedure that is advisable for businessmen to entrust to business setup consultants in UAE for they to not go through a lot of hustle. There are a lot of government requirements that need to be adhered to, and consultants already know their way with these matters.

Another procedure that would equal the success of a company is considered as one of the necessary processes that would bring growth to a business, which is trademark registration in Dubai and in UAE.

Why is Trademark Law?

Laws, in general, are made by governments to regulate a country or a jurisdiction. Laws, in general, are mandated to be followed in order to be possible.

In that sense, trademark law is made by a government to ensure that protection and security are given to businessmen and businesses with regard to their registered trademarks. A trademark would either be a logo, name, slogan, pictures, or a combination of them. A registered trademark shall be in accordance with the intellectual property laws of a country.

With a trademark law, an order in the business industry shall be possible when it comes to the intellectual properties of businesses.

Trademark Law in the UAE

The UAE government has therefore mandated for trademark law to come into effect in the whole country. The UAE is a business hub and one of the largest in the world at that. Therefore, it is essential that they take steps in protecting and securing the businesses’ best interests.

The Trademark Law is known as Federal Trademark Law No. 37 of 1992. It was later amended by Federal Law No. 8 of 2002.

Included in the said law are punishable acts that people can get penalized for doing. It includes (a) imitating registered trademarks used by businesses in selling goods and services, causing consumers to be misled; (b) using registered trademarks without proper permission from the owner for their own purpose or illegal doing. There is a list of other offenses that people should be wary of.

Process of Trademark Registration in Dubai and Sharjah

Benefits of Trademark Registration in UAE

A registered trademark can bring advantages to a company, especially for those who are operating in a foreign land.


Security is ensured when a trademark is registered in a country. It means that no other business will be allowed to use your registered trademark without any proper permission from your side. Anyone who does illegally will be penalized.

This means that an owner of a registered trademark will have exclusive rights to that trademark. It means that you can file a complaint against anyone who misuses your trademark or infringes it.


When a brand has a registered trademark, it causes its brand to be seen by more possible consumers. A trademarked brand’s presence grows larger in the industry. When a brand is registered, it exhumes authenticity and originality. It separates itself from others. It makes itself more distinguished.


A brand’s credibility also lies in having a registered trademark. A reputation is built, and every product rides on it once a trademark is registered. The credibility starts with the fact that it has its own brand is registered and is operating freely with rights says a lot. Because of this, it wins over consumers because a brand can stand and be recognized for its authenticity.

Having a registered trademark communicates a company’s genuineness in being a valued supplier of certain products and services.


There can be successfully found in a trademark founded on good quality and service. Because of this, a company can opt to expand their product to another related line of business. A loyal group of consumers would definitely support an expansion of a genuine brand to another. A fast-food chain can expand with its own coffee shop, just like what McDonald’s did, and its consumers will follow because good quality and service have been proven with the reputation that has been built through the first authentic brand.


Value can be appreciated by a trademark over time. Good reputation and following from consumers can affect this even more positively. A trademarked brand can become an asset to a company.

With this, a trademark can be used by businesses when they would like to secure a loan from financial institutions, banks, lenders, or others.

Leading Agents for Trademark Registration in UAE

There is a certain procedure that needs to be followed for successful trademark registration in UAE. Our consultants can help you with this to lessen the work that you have to do on your part.

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Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.