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Register a Trademark under Several Categories in the UAE

The legislation governing trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) permits businesses to file a single trademark registration covering various product categories and services. But the good news is that it's legal under UAE legislation; thus, the fees will vary for the different groups. Most firms in the UAE concentrate on the advantages of branding investments and worry about if their brand strategy is gaining them the patronage and loyalty of customers. Implementing the brand plan starts with registering trademarks in the UAE to protect logos, taglines, brand names, and designs. Most of the time, however, brand owners must make more critical decisions when registering their UAE trademarks under the proper Classes.

Some companies must remember to submit trademark classes under various classes pertinent to their brand. In contrast, others file their trademarks under the incorrect classes or disregard trademark classes altogether. Trademark infringement by your rivals might result from failing to submit trademark applications under many classifications. Hiring the top trademark experts in Dubai is a simple approach to steer clear of these typical branding errors. If you're a company owner confused about the significance of international trademark courses in the UAE, take a deep breath and keep reading.

Companies register a trademark under several categories for various reasons.

Companies choose to register a trademark under several categories since this is a more effective and efficient method to submit a single trademark for various products and services throughout company creation in the United Arab Emirates. It increases the number of service offerings that may fall under several categories and widens the company's service region. Therefore, offering services in many classes improves the company's image in the marketplace and increases its effectiveness. If we're talking about the application, candidates only submit their data once for various courses. 

The applicant, trademark, and correspondent information are all submitted on a single application form. Any business that files applications under several categories does so to save time and money. As a result, the applicant will only pay for one class upon submission. The action is then issued, and the applicant pays for the additional courses. If a specific class receives a denial, the applicant may decline that class without having to pay for their original submission.

Brand Owners: An Overview of Trademark Classes

You may choose the category under which the trademark will be registered using trademark classes. The Nice International Classification, which has 45 categories for products and services, is used in the United Arab Emirates. The NICE Classification system, which places commodities in classes 1 through 34 and services in classes 35 through 45, is used in the UAE to classify trademarks before they are registered. It is ensured that the brands are represented in the proper categories of products and services by filing the trademarks under the appropriate classes. The decision of which items belong to which classifications is up to the brand owners. Thus, they seek the professional advice of reputable trademark registration services in Dubai, UAE.

A Guide to Register a trademark under several categories 

Ignoring the significance of registering your trademarks under many trademark classes can hurt the profitability of your business. You may file for trademark registration under Class 25 if your company sells business apparel. Clothing is a part of Trademark Class 25. However, you also have the option to register your trademark under Class 24, which is designated for textiles.

These trademark classes reflect the many categories of commodities. However, you should register your trademarks in the appropriate service classes if you provide services. For instance, you should submit the trademark under Class 41 if you want to provide fashion designing classes under the same brand name. Education and training provision is under trademark class 41.

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Advice on Choosing the Right Classes for Trademark Registration

Selecting extra classes for trademark registration in the UAE might take a lot of work. The procedure involves significant investigation and professional advice, but it is worthwhile since brand owners may protect their trademarks from possible infringement. The first step for brand owners is to put together a list of the products or services for which the trademark will be used. The following are some elements that the company owners should think about in order to determine which classifications their items fall under:

  • Determine the purpose and function of products and services.
  • Find out whether the products include any raw ingredients.
  • Understanding the actions taken to provide the services

Much consideration and study should go into registering a trademark across numerous classifications. When trademark applications are submitted in the UAE under incorrect classifications, they may be rejected and damage a company's reputation. Brand owners in the UAE may contact well-known trademark registration service providers for further information on submitting trademarks in multiple classes.

What Farahat and Co. Can Help?

The most crucial choice a brand owner makes to build a positive brand reputation is registering the trademarks with the UAE Trademark Office. More protection from infringers is provided by registering the trademarks in other classes. Nevertheless, brand owners often need to study UAE trademark classes more. Business owners in these circumstances need the experience of a reputable trademark registration service provider like Farahat & Co. Our Trademark experts help the brand owners to register the trademark in the appropriate classes. Providing customers with trademark search, registration, and watch services for many years, we are a full-service supplier of intellectual property services. Business owners may develop a profitable brand strategy with complete confidence as we will ensure that their trademarks are protected across the GCC. For any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our trademark expert.

Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.