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How to Choose an Auditor in UAE: Three Key Factors to Consider

Choosing auditors in Dubai is not easy at all and people should also not rush to the auditor without searching properly. This is because the work auditor has to perform is really critical as well as important. that is why there are no chances of mistakes at all. so, people should take care of this very thing and they should be very particular about choosing the auditor for their business or company.

Long and beneficial Relationship

People need to know the fact that the relationship between them and their auditor should be fruitful enough that it should provide them with all the benefits that they both should get. This is because this is not a one-way job. If the company doesn’t cooperate with the auditor in a good way, he will also not be able to provide his services in the best manner. That is why people need to give attention to their relationship with the auditor to a great extent.


A lot of times, people get to know the auditors by taking the help of some of this party. This is not anything are at all because people keep on getting the help of third parties for carrying out the functions of their companies. The thing that needs to be taken care of here is that when the third party introduces you to an auditor, you should get to know him as well. you must have a good idea of his knowledge and experience. In this way, you will be able to get an idea regarding his expertise which will ultimately be proved beneficial for you.

Make sure that your relationship with your Auditor doesn’t break

Breaking up of a relationship with an auditor is not a good sign for your company at all. This is because the things he deals with are really critical and a single mistake can make the things disastrous for you. That is why make sure to keep yourself in a good relationship with your auditor to avoid any troublesome thing.

Know the Auditor beforehand

Before hiring the person, you need to have an idea about him and his way of working. If you think that he will be good enough for your company, you can hire him but if you think he will not be able to adapt to the environment of your company, skip the idea of hiring him to save your company.

Get rid of stress

Hiring a wrong auditor can make you stressed a lot. That is why be sure that you hire the right person for the job. Or use the things will become worse for you.

You must be thinking what should you keep in mind before hiring an auditor for your company.

Three Key Factors to choose an Auditor in Dubai UAE


Everyone wants to be on the safe side so that they may not have to face any trouble which may harm their company in one way or the other. The same should be the case while hiring an auditor. While hiring an auditor, you must meet and greet the person who is going to manage things for you. This is because he would be the in charge. And he should have a sense of all ifs and buts regarding auditing. You must tell them in charge of the weaknesses and strengths you want in your auditor. In this way he will be able to get a good idea of what you want. And what services do you require from your auditor?

2-Transparency in the affairs with no communication gap

A communication gap can mostly make things worst. That is why you need to make sure that you are aware of all the functions that are being carried out while communicating each and everything properly with your auditor. He should know what you expect from him. And what services do you exactly want him to provide you. if there is a slight communication gap, a lot of misunderstandings can come into bringing. To avoid them all, the best solution is to keep all the functions transparent and avoid all the communication gaps.

3- Professionals

You must make sure that the auditor you have hired is experienced enough to carry out your audit properly. He must be well aware of How auditors ask questions. And what things do they keep in their mind while carrying out the research. He should have a clear understanding of each and everything in detail.

The main purpose of the auditor in your company is to tell you. If all of your accounting policies are being followed in a standardized form or not. If you have hired a good auditor, he will surely play a role in the success of your firm. So, hire them mindfully. Farahat & Co is one of the top audit firms in Dubai, has lots of experienced auditors.

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Jose’s entire educational and professional career has circled around audit and assurance. While in India, he became a CPA and worked as an accountant and an auditor. Afterwards, he relocated to Dubai, where he joined Farahat & Co. as an auditor. He is currently assisting UAE mainland and free zone businesses with their compliance needs. With a reputation for proficiency, quality, and reliability, clients refer to Mr. Jose for independent assessments of organizations structures and operations.