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Expert Witness Report for Partnership Disputes in UAE

Due to the nature of the problems involved in corporate, LLC, and partnership disputes, the litigation of these conflicts will almost always need the use of expert witnesses. One typical sort of expert witness is on the subject of damages: what is the amount of the injury that may be ascribed to the claimed improper behavior at issue in the dispute, and what is the effect of that harm? A professional is typically required to value a firm's, shareholder's, or LLC member's interest. Expert witnesses may be helpful in a consulting position at the start of a case. They may educate on crucial financial records, bring out red flags indicating fraud, theft, or embezzlement, and explain industry conventions or standards.

What Are the Causes of Partnership Disputes?

Disagreements between partners may happen in any partnership, and a partnership deed could not solve the issue. Financial issues are a common source of differences, even if other factors, like the firm's direction, may also be involved.

Partnership disputes may have financial implications for:

  1. Assets utilized by the partnership but held by one or more members separately
  2. The division of profits and losses among partners;
  3. Changes in the constitution of partnerships; and
  4. Partnership valuations

What Exactly is Expert Evidence?

Expert witness essentially consists of the expert's view or opinion evidence. The primary responsibility of the expert witness is to support the Court's decision-making process by offering impartial expert/technical analysis and opinion on a particular topic or issue based on the data supplied by those advising him. The expert testimony should provide all the information required to persuade the Court that the expert's conclusions are well-founded.

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What is the Role of a Partnership Dispute Expert Witness?

Partnership Dispute should be or have been a partner in a business. Partnerships Disputes may develop for various reasons, including the death of a partner, mismanagement of finances, property upkeep, profit distribution or non-distribution, refinancing, and the decision a sale or lease the property. Also, the partnership agreement must explicitly specify the aims of the real estate investment; otherwise, operational agreements or disagreements are likely.

What Are the Primary Characteristics We Seek in Experts?

  • First, we seek outstanding knowledge of the sector and the challenges at hand. The primary explanations crucial to a judge and jury should come from the client, but an expert may add, strengthen, or corroborate the client's evidence from a different aspect.
  • Second, we search for experts who can explain, educate, and convince. The jury or the Judge will most likely dismiss a fantastic idea that cannot be expressed.

Questions may emerge over industry standards, valuations related to a given industry, industry norms, or the worth of specific technology or business operations. Having an expert witness advise on such concerns and maybe testify about them can make or break a case.

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Acceptability of Expert Testimony

Expert testimony is often admissible anytime there are issues in question that call for an expert's observation, analysis, or description. The Court does, however, have the authority to reject expert testimony in some situations, such as when it pertains to subjects that are left to the Judge's discretion or when the Judge may reach a judgment based only on the information presented in the case. The Court also has the authority to exclude evidence that might otherwise be allowed, for instance, if it determines that a witness has failed to prove his objectivity or has disobeyed a court order.

Suppose expert testimony is needed in more than one field of competence. In that case, the Court will often permit the appointment of more than one expert, providing that the expense is appropriate to the value of the dispute. It is especially true in big or complicated cases. In less complex matters, the Court may direct the parties to consult with a single joint expert who is chosen and paid for jointly by the parties to the dispute.

How May Partnership Dispute Expert Witness at Farahat & Co. Help You?

Any time throughout a partnership, a business partnership dispute may occur, necessitating the use of specialized partnership law to ascertain the partners' and members' rights and duties.

Whether the matter involves a standard partnership, real estate partnership, or a business partnership dispute, our highly skilled Partnership Dispute expert witnesses are skilled at responding swiftly and realistically to give clients accurate and timely guidance.

Our knowledge covers all facets of partnership law. Regarding partner and member rights and governance issues, we often help clients with conflicts that arise throughout the course of operating a partnership.  We also have extensive expertise with the problems that emerge with the dismissal and retirement of partners, termination and dissolution of a partnership, including asset division.

We collaborate closely with our colleagues to provide clients with the knowledgeable counsel they need. Including professional services, financial services, tax, and food and farming, our Partnership Dispute Expert witness offers specialized expertise and real-world experience in various industries and practice areas. Our staff is well aware of the economic and legal framework in which partnerships and corporations function. We collaborate with clients to provide sensible, cost-effective answers to their often challenging issues.

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Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.