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What is an Expert Witness and Duties of an Expert Witness

The Duties and Responsibilities of Expert Witness

  1. Specialist evidence submitted to the court should be, the autonomous product of the expert without any influence by the exigencies of litigation
  2. An expert witness should provide actual facts by working as uncontroversial or independent, guiding the court about matters as per his expertise.
  3. An expert witness should mention the facts, figures, or assumptions on behalf of which his opinion is based.
  4. An expert witness services should stand clear and firm without any hesitation to make it clear when a specific question or issue does not cover his domain or falls outside his expertise.
  5. If an expert’s opinion is not properly based after being researched because he supposes that insufficient or irrelevant data is available, then this must be mentioned with a symbol that the opinion is no more than a provisional one.
  6. If the expert cannot declare that the report contains genuine facts, just the total truth and nothing but the truth without some conditions that must be acknowledged in the report.
  7. In case if an expert witness wants to change his opinion, after an exchange of reports, for some reason, such modification must be communicated via legal representatives to the other side without any further delay and to the court.
  8. Where expert evidence became related to the survey reports, or other formal documents, along with photographs they must be submitted o the other party as well during the exchange of reports.

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What to look for in an expert witness?

  1. An expert witness should at all stages follow the procedure or instructions, on behalf of the evidence as he understands it, and provide independent guidance to the court and all parties to generate an objective unbiased opinion according to his expertise. An expert witness should never imagine the role of an attorney.
  2. The expert’s evidence must be restricted to the technical issues on which the court will be guided by asking for an explanation, or evidence of common professional practice. The expert witness must not give opinions as an expert himself would have done in some circumstances.
  3. He should cooperate with the expert of the other party or parties in attempting to narrow the technical issues in dispute at the earliest possible stage of the procedure and to eliminate or place in context any peripheral issues.
  4. The expert evidence presented to the court should be, the independent product of the expert uninfluenced.
  5. An expert witness should believe the facts upon which his opinion is based. He should not consider irrelevant objects which might create obstructions to evaluation.
  6. An expert witness must make it clear if a case falls out of his domain.
  7. When an expert has conclusions are based on insufficient realistic information he should say so clearly.
  8. An expert should be ready to review his opinion, and if appropriate, to change his mind when he has obtained new data or has accepted the opinion of the other expert.

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