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UAE Expert Witness : Requirements for Being an Expert Witness in UAE

The legal system relies on expert witnesses because they provide the courts with the relevant facts and opinions that help them reach informed judgments. When it comes to the value of court expert witnesses, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is no exception. To demonstrate that they are qualified to give their knowledge in court proceedings, potential UAE expert witnesses must fulfill certain standards and submit relevant papers.

To become a respected and recognized expert witness in UAE, aspiring professionals must adhere to a specific set of requirements and provide essential documents. These prerequisites ensure that the expert witnesses possess the necessary qualifications and credibility to offer their expertise in UAE courts.

Who is a UAE expert witness?

An expert witness is a person who has specialized knowledge or experience in a certain field that can help the court understand the evidence and facts of a legal case. An expert witness can give opinions, analysis, or testimony on various issues, such as medical, financial, technical, etc.

An expert witness has an overriding duty to the court and must be independent, impartial, and objective in his or her work. An expert witness must also follow the rules and procedures of the court and provide a written report and/or oral evidence as required.

The Role of UAE Expert Witnesses in Court

Expert witnesses are individuals who possess specialized knowledge or experience in a certain field that is pertinent to a legal case. For instance, they might be experts in finance, science, medicine, or technology. Such a person can assist the court in comprehending complex issues that are difficult for laypeople to grasp.

The following are some of the tasks that expert witnesses perform:

  • Providing expert opinion: Expert witnesses give impartial and objective opinions that help the court make decisions.
  • Facilitating the court’s understanding of difficult concepts: Expert witnesses do thorough research and communicate their results clearly. They help the judges understand the evidence better.
  • Evaluating the evidence that is presented: Expert witnesses check the accuracy and reliability of data, studies, or experiments. They ensure that the court only uses credible information.
  • Producing detailed reports that demonstrate their work: Expert witnesses write reports that show their methods, findings, and opinions. These reports are used as evidence in hearings or trials. They write carefully and clearly.
  • Responding to questions from the lawyers: Expert witnesses answer questions from the lawyers from both sides. This is called cross-examination. Expert witnesses defend their work and opinions when challenged.
  • Educating the court about important topics: Expert witnesses also teach the court about scientific facts, industry standards, or best practices that are related to their work and opinions. This ensures that the court knows the context and background of their work

Requirements and Documents for Expert Witness in UAE

To qualify as a UAE expert witness, individuals must meet the following requirements:

1. University Qualifications:

Expert witnesses must hold relevant university qualifications. If the degree is obtained from a foreign university, it needs to be authenticated and equalized by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education. This validation is crucial to ensure the authenticity and relevance of the qualifications in the field of specialization.

2. Attested Experience Certificates:

For UAE citizens, a minimum of seven years of experience after graduation is required. Non-citizens must have at least fifteen years of post-graduation experience. Experience certificates must be attested to verify the professional background of the expert witness.

3. Certificate of Good Conduct and Behavior:

An official certificate attesting to the good conduct and behavior of the expert witness is mandatory. This document ensures the moral integrity and trustworthiness of the individual.

4. Identification Documents for UAE Citizens:

UAE citizens must provide a copy of their identity card and family book, confirming their citizenship status.

5. Identification Documents for Non-Nationals:

Non-national expert witnesses need to submit copies of their passports, valid residence permits, and identity cards. These documents establish their legal status in the UAE.

6. Employer Approval:

Expert witnesses are required to obtain approval from their current employer to serve as a witness. This ensures that the employer is aware of the expert's involvement in legal proceedings.

7. Office Documentation for Investors:

If the expert witness is an investor, they must provide a copy of the lease contract and commercial license for their office. This documentation is essential for individuals conducting business in the UAE.

8. Personal Photo and Health Fitness Certificate:

A recent personal photo of the expert witness is necessary for identification purposes. Additionally, a health fitness certificate is required to confirm the individual's physical well-being.

9. Professional Malpractice Insurance Contract:

Expert witnesses are obligated to possess a professional malpractice insurance contract. This insurance provides protection against potential legal liabilities arising from their expert testimony.

10. Certificate from the Experience Practice Office:

A certificate from the Experience Practice Office is crucial. This document validates the expert witness's practical experience and expertise in their field.

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