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Expert Tips to Choose a Name to Trademark in UAE

Experts on branding often advise entrepreneurs to choose brand names that describe products and services they're offering. However, from a legal perspective, they are not likely to receive trademark protection under UAE legislation. 

Tips to Choose a Name to Trademark in UAE

If you are having trouble landing on a great brand name to trademark, these tips can help you come up with a couple that is both memorable and capable of having trademark registration in UAE:

  1. Consult with trademark specialists on trademark regulations

Brand names that are memorable, clever, and original will be awarded with robust trademark rights in comparison to simply generic or descriptive names of goods and services. This is because only original trademarks are allowed to be registered with the Ministry of Economy. 

Trademark regulations in the country can be very complicated and also counter-intuitive for those who are new to the process of trademark registration. Consulting with a trademark specialist will not only help you come up with a name that can be added to UAE's intellectual property registry, but also allow you in having expert assistance throughout the entire registration process.  

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  1. Test the names with your potential buyers 

See how your chosen names perform when they're taken 'in the wild' or on the internet. When testing different names, calculate the responses of your target market. If this idea is a bit intimidating, don't fret. Although it will take a bit of work in testing names with actual people, the insight which you will get will most certainly be invaluable.

To crowdsource a brand name or a few, here are ways to do it:

  • Sign up for a landing page software 
  • Create an identical logo for every name you want to test out with the use of a tool for logo creation
  • Create a landing page that is branded for each name that you are considering 
  • Show highly targeted social media ads to your ideal clients and customers 
  • As soon as your ads run for a couple of days, evaluate eh landing page analytics in order to find out if a name leads to a good conversion rate 
  1. Remember that there is no need to explain the business using your brand name

Just because you have not found a name yet does not mean that you are failing. The idea is summing up the main idea in unique ways and not each single thing the business stands for. Remember that there's a couple of different aspects of a company branding that will complement the name of your business and trademark, which also create an overall image.

Great examples of this are the following:

  • Your marketing copy - there's an endless supply of meme-able and snappy one-liners 
  • Your tagline - the tagline of Nike, "Just do it," is just as recognizable and famous as the brand's name 
  • Your website design and brand - choose distinctive colors that stick in people's heads 
  • Your logo - should you really want people to quickly get an idea of your brand, then be sure your logo represents what your business offers. For instance, for a care brand, you can use a car as your logo 

The goal is to create a brand name and a trademark, plus a tagline and logo which all come together perfectly in creating a powerful statement in the market. If your chosen brand name is a bit abstract, then fill the blanks for people with descriptive logos and taglines. 

Your name style and type provide clues on the character of the business you are running, which can then be brought together into once clear image with the incorporation of clever taglines, logos, and designs. The challenge is finding something that's actually unique, functional, and more important, one that won't result to your business getting a cease-and-desist letter for alleged trademark infringement.

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Bonus tip: Think with the end result in mind.

If you have tried UAE trademark registration before and your name got rejected, then you won't be able to have the original name you wanted. That is fine. Just take a tiny step back. Look at what it's about which you like or love so much. Maybe your brand exudes class and elegance. Maybe it also describes your products and services perfectly. 

When you start breaking this down, you'll be able to pull several different ways of expressing the same feelings and image. You may even realize that you can still have a desirable brand name without having to use a rejected trademark. It is very possible to duplicate a brand feel using a different brand name. 

Trademark Registration in UAE

By following the tips mentioned above and having a structured process in creating a unique brand name, there's no reason why you're unable to find a strong brand name that can be trademarked! Call us here in Farahat & Co today if you want to know more about trademark registration in UAE.

Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.