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Customs Reconciliation Service in Dubai, UAE

Customs audit allows importers and/or exporters in Dubai to have experts revise for them certain critical elements to entry summaries that were not determined during the time goods were entered.

When a business entity in the UAE is identified by Dubai Customs as high risk, the government authority is going to request an inventory count within an audit period that is in scope. With the information provided by the business, Dubai Customs will be making a comparison of the inventory count of the entity and the declarations for import and export processed by the entity under the customs code. If there’s a set of discrepancies, may it be on value, weight, or quantity, the government authority is going to request valid justification for such and for the entity to submit a customs reconciliation.

Risks that arise from the incorrect management of customs compliance and failure to comply with customs audit and customs reconciliation process include the following:

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customs audit

How Our Experts Work

To help business entities move items quickly, Dubai Customs can’t scrutinize every single transaction. This is the reason why customs audit is utilized in confirming information’s integrity, most especially declarations supplied to the authority. The customs reconciliation program of UAE was launched to eliminate future errors and maximize compliance of registered entities.

Our team of approved Dubai customs auditors helps clients sustain and achieve compliance over time and not just improve compliance on a basis of hit-and-miss. What this means is you will have experts supporting your business and carefully looking at all business systems, policies, and processes that are related to customs.

Dubai customs audit

An Audit Requested by UAE Federal Customs Authority Involves

An audit requested by the UAE Federal Customs Authority involves the following:

  • Customs requesting an entry interview to discuss a customs audit, as well as the transactions that are going to be examined with the documents that are needed for the audit team to review from audit firms in Dubai
  • Entity (importer/exporter) is required to examine transactions before customs audit with the help of a commissioned approved auditor in UAE as errors that are reported to the authorities voluntarily are viewed by them favorably
  • Customs will perform an exit interview and review with the importer/exporter to discuss assessments that were made regarding the legal compliance of the client and any further action or sanction that is imposed on the entity

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