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Audit Services in Dubai Knowledge Village

True to its name, Dubai Knowledge Village, which was established in 2003, is a free zone campus that facilitates corporate training and learning institutions. This is a unit of TECOM Group, which is owned by Dubai Holding. This free zone is the home for human resources management, professional learning, and educational learning as well.

Currently, there are 400 companies and institutions in Dubai Knowledge Village. The businesses established in there are universities, computer training providers, professional centers, etc. The organizations are allowed to operate with 100% ownership.

Approved Auditing Firms in DKV 

Some of the most specialized auditors in Dubai are part of Farhat & Co.’s team, assuring you of quality services. We know what it takes to provide you with what you need as we are one of the renowned auditing companies in Dubai. Although it is not easy to uphold our position, we strive diligently for excellence to always be included in the list of the best audit firms in UAE.

We are offering you a range of audit services that can aid you in your business needs, handled by some of the best auditors in DKV:

  • Financial – Financial statements are reviewed and verified with this audit to ensure that it is complying with international accounting and auditing standards. We will make certain that your company’s financial statements are accurate and fair because it is an essential part of a business.
  • Operational – All the organizational activities that directly or indirectly affect the business will be evaluated. We will look into the effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of those matters and present advice that can further help in the growth of your business.
  • Compliance – Your organization’s internal policies and procedures will be reviewed by our certified auditors to ensure that you are complying with the regulatory standards.
  • Integrated – Quality and other compliance matters are evaluated in this audit, combining the use of financial and operational audits with information technology, hence it is considered as a broad audit.

It always our goal to be one of the top audit firms in Dubai, that is why we always give excellent and quality service. It is essential that everything is under control and functioning effectively for a business to reach its goals and have boosting improvements each day. That is why we know what steps to take for an effective audit. If you need a consultation with us, please feel free to book one with us for you to find out why we are indeed one of the best audit firms in UAE.

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