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GCC VAT Compliance Diploma program is basically the tax qualification and is recognized by the whole world. This qualification is offered by the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT).

The implementation of the VAT is not so old yet. It just got implemented on 1 January 2018. Note that the VAT has got implemented in the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so, the organizations as well as employees, need to have a good understanding of VAT.

To make sure that all the organizations and their employees get a good understanding of the GCC VAT. FAR is offering a GCC VAT compliance diploma. With this diploma, the organizations will get the understanding of GCC VAT and its applications and legislation as well. the diploma is being offered to the masses in exclusive partnership with Tolley which is considered to be very good in the provision of the practical tax training in the world. Now the people of Dubai will get same in vat training in Dubai

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By getting the GCC VAT Diploma in UAE, the applicants will get to have the knowledge as well as the practical implication of the VAT. The enrolled tax agent training participants will also get to have a clear understanding of how the VAT works, what are its principles and what applications does it possess.

The programme of the diploma will be split into almost 4 sections so that it can be taught to the participants in a modular format. After the sessions of learning and testing, the participants will have to go through a final tax agent exam.

Usually what happens is that the participants feel like the pace of providing the knowledge by the instructors are usually too fast or too slow. The best part of this diploma would be that they can choose their own learning pace means to increase their learning and understanding according to their own understanding level.

What will the participants gain from this session?

Training for VAT tax agent in UAE

The tax professionals will deliver their knowledge to the participants and train them in a comprehensive way while showering their experience towards the participants. The value added tax training session will surely be very beneficial.

Tolley’s training for VAT tax agent in Dubai and UAE

The participants will get the Tolley’s study materials for tax agent exam in UAE which will surely enhance their understanding of GCC VAT.

The tax agent exam in Dubai will determine how much do you understand about VAT. FTA Tax Agent Exam training sessions are surely worth it.

FTA Tax agent exam revision in UAE

The participants will have to go through the online mock assessments or tax agent exam revision in Dubai and UAE so that they may get to know where they stand.

The timing of online examination

The participants, after getting the VAT training in UAE according to the FTA VAT agent exam course will be able to choose the timing of their examination by their own selves when they think they are ready enough for the exam.

After completing the VAT tax agent exam training and the exam successfully, the participants will be awarded a VAT Compliance Diploma from the Association of Taxation Technicians. Not just that but also, they will be awarded a VAT certificate of completion.

If you also want to achieve the certificate in GCC VAT, you must first get registered so that you achieve the GCC VAT Compliance Diploma as well.

Who should Take this Diploma?

All the tax managers, finance managers, tax professionals in UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should get benefit from this diploma as it will provide them with an insight of all the details and everything they need to be a Tax VAT specialist consultant. In this way, they will be able to carry out all their activities in a professional way according to the VAT rules and regulations.

Note that it is not just for the above-mentioned people. everyone who wants to have an understanding of GCC VAT legislation and applications should get this diploma.

About the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT):

The main objective of ATT is to provide the people with all the needle that is necessary for them to get the deep understanding of VAT by trained people giving vat advisory and other stuff related to it. there are a lot of members in this association who are working for the betterment of the people’s understanding regarding GCC VAT. they are providing the people with a higher standard education and are making sure that the people get to have hands on the skills in a great manner to become the best Tax VAT accountant.

What are the requirements for tax agent registration?

All the participants who are looking forward to this session must get themselves registered for VAT Compliance Diploma (non-UK):

  1. The first step is basically to login to the website to take the vat courses in Dubai
  2. After that register for the VAT training and certification courses in UAE as a new student and enter the personal details accordingly
  3. After that, you must enter Home and work address details for VAT Training and VAT courses in UAE
  4. After entering it, you must select jurisdiction paper you will sit for
  5. Complete the registration payment and pay the cost of tax exam which is £50 for 3 years
  6. You will receive an email after getting registered.

It is to be noted that you must go through the exam modules A, B, C, D before you register for the final tax agent exam. After doing all the questions and answers for the tax agent exam successfully, you will get the diploma and certificate in taxation if you pass it according to the listed tax agent exam standards.

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