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Documents Required for the Registration of VAT in Dubai UAE

Businesses in UAE have to register under the UAE VAT regime as per the country’s Federal Tax Authority or FTA criteria. It’s mandatory for local businesses to undergo the whole process of VAT registration in UAE when the annual turnover reaches AED375,000. If you believe your annual taxable turnover will exceed the mandatory VAT registration threshold in the next thirty days, you can proceed with the registration process. Voluntary VAT registration is possible for businesses with an annual turnover of at least AED187,500.

As per UAE VAT Executive Regulations, non-compliance can invite penalties. There will also be the risk of losing legal status and consumer confidence given the incompliance of a business to regulatory policies. 

Requirements for VAT Registration in Dubai

  • A valid email to be used as a login ID for the VAT registration with the Federal Tax Authority and for compliance purposes 
  • Valid trade license, original, and copy 
  • Passport and Emirates ID of each owner or partner (sponsors of owners and passports must also provide their identification documents)
  • E-mail address and contact number of the manager or authorized signatory for the applicant 
  • Passport and the emirates ID of manager (it has to be the manager that is on the company's trade license) 
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the applicant 
  • Company's contact details, including complete address and the PO box 
  • Details of the primary corporate bank account, including the IBAN for VAT refund purposes 
  • An exhaustive list of all the other businesses the partners and directors own or manage from the past five years, including the trade licenses of the businesses, if applicable 
  • Audited or unaudited financial statements of the business for the previous twelve months 
  • Complete details of the primary and secondary economic activities of the applicant (a general description for each economic activity is also necessary) 
  • Forecasted revenue and expense of the applicant for the next thirty days (it can be an approximation) 
  • Documents related to customs registration of the applicant for each emirate in the UAE, if applicable 
  • The estimated value for imports for a period of one year for each GCC member state 
  • The estimated value for exports for a period of one year for each GCC member state 
  • Details on whether or not you expect to have customers and suppliers from any of the GCC member states 
  • Country name and Tax Registration Number of the applicant if it is registered for VAT from any GCC member state aside from the UAE 
  • Details on whether or not the applicant has a trade name that differs from its name of entity (trade name and legal name of the applicant must appear on the VAT certificate issued by the local tax authority from a GCC member state)

How to get your TRN 

Criteria for Registration for VAT in Dubai, UAE

Mandatory VAT registration for businesses that are residents of the UAE

  • The annual turnover is at least AED375,000 for the past twelve months; or 
  • The business is expected to reach an annual turnover of AED375,000 for the next thirty days

Voluntary VAT registration for UAE businesses

  • Either the expenses or turnover of the business exceeded AED187,500 from the past twelve months; or 
  • The applicant expects its expenses or turnover to exceed AED187,500 in the next thirty days 

For Local or Federal Government Entities and Charities

  • All designated charities and designated government bodies are required by the local Federal Tax Authority to register for VAT in UAE. This applies whether or not they’re eligible to undergo the VAT registration process. More details on the subject may be obtained from regulated tax agents in Dubai. 

Compulsory and Voluntary Registration of VAT in Dubai for Businesses

For Applicants Residents Outside GCC

  • You’re required to undergo VAT registration in UAE if you’re making or you expect to make taxable supplies of products and/or services in UAE and there’s no other entity required in accounting for VAT on your behalf. 
  • When you’ve determined you’ll be required to register or you’re eligible for VAT registration in UAE, it’s essential to immediately initiate the registration. The Federal Tax Authority has to be notified as well if there is a reason why registration is not applicable to your business. 

For Related Businesses to Undergo Tax Group Registration 

To be eligible to apply for UAE VAT group registration, these are the conditions to be fulfilled: 

  • Each business applying for a tax group registration must have a fixed establishment or place of establishment within UAE;
  • The businesses are all related parties - the businesses aren't separated on n economy, regulatory and financial level, and one business can control the other businesses legally or through the acquisition of voting rights or shares

If you have questions or queries with regards to the process of VAT registration in Dubai, call us! We here in Farahat & Co are more than happy to provide you with expert guidance.


Ervee is a CPA with international experience in Tax and Accounting. He has over 12 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping and over a year in VAT implementation, registration, and accounting in UAE. He regularly drives out inefficiencies in company operations and loves the challenge of helping clients find additional ways for an easier and improved compliance and verification of transactions.