what Documents Required for Registration of VAT in Dubai UAE
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Documents Required for the Registration of VAT in Dubai UAE

Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax that is collected by the government from the companies or the individuals that are registered for VAT. It is a multi-stage tax that is applied at every stage of the production of goods. Businesses can claim for the VAT refund from the government. The amount of VAT is to be paid by the customers on the purchase of the goods.

Documents Required for VAT Registration in UAE

All businesses that fulfill specified criteria for VAT, need to get themselves registered. This registration process cannot be done in the absence of some official documents. The specified set of documents must be completed before the application of submission. With the help of these official documents, every business will be able to get VAT registration in the form of a VAT certificate. Each VAT certificate has a specific identification number that is issued by one company only. That number is essential for each and every work that will be carried out for VAT. To get this certificate in Dubai, you need to follow the requirements specified by the government of UAE.
vat registration in UAE, every business should complete the required documents. The process of registration or even the fee submission will be done online.

Documents required for applying as an individual for a VAT tax certificate

  • A request letter with the sign of the applicant
  • A permit for the residence of an applicant
  • A photocopy of the resident’s passport

Documents required for applying as an authority for a VAT tax certificate

  • A signed application letter from the authorized signatory
  • A copy of the decree
  • A photocopy of the act of incorporation

Documents required for applying as a company for VAT registration in Dubai

  • An application letter that is signed by the authorities of the company
  • A photocopy of the trading license that is valid

The submission of the above-mentioned documents will be done only if the person or the company has already been registered online. Make sure you complete the process according to the guidelines that are provided by the government. After you have completed the process of online registration and fee payment, you will be allowed to submit your documents. After the completion of the process and the verification of the documents, the VAT certificate will be provided.

Although the amount of VAT that should be paid is specified there are some situations in which the VAT can be refunded. There are no special exceptions for any individual or a company. The most common scenario in which the refund will be provided is when the international authorities or obligations require the government for a refund. still facing problems take help from vat experts in UAE

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