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Best Qualities of an Expert Witnesses in UAE

A qualified court expert witness will have the necessary knowledge in the area of your dispute. He will be able to provide the Court with neutral and accurate reports, be free from any conflicts of interest, and, preferably, have an opinion that will help the Court reach a just and reasonable judgment about your case. The caliber of expert witnesses might vary greatly depending on the field of law. There are a variety of intangible, human attributes that are equally crucial to take into account, even while evident credentials like an expert's education, abilities, and job experience are trustworthy, objective indications of an expert's eligibility for a case. 

What is an Expert Witness?

Anyone with advanced knowledge or competence in a particular field—beyond that of the average layperson—can serve as an expert witness. Expert witnesses are called upon to provide their impartial judgment in a specific issue or issues that are in dispute—stating that they will give the Court their professional judgment, which may be utilized to support or reject a particular point of contention.

What Exactly Does an Expert Witness Do?

Expert witnesses provide unbiased assessments based on their subject-matter knowledge. Recommendations from attorneys or the Court guide our views. Regardless matter how they may influence the resolution of a disagreement, opinions must be unbiased and genuine. Whenever necessary, we provide documented professional reports or proof. 

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6 Qualities of an Expert Witness

1) Self-assurance

It's essential to have confidence. It is common for opposing counsel to cross-examine expert witnesses during depositions to learn more about their thought processes. Furthermore, expert witnesses can be called to testify in front of the Court or jury, and those unfamiliar with their field of expertise must accept their words as accurate. A self-assured expert conveys the idea that the judge or jury should share their confidence in the expert's judgment. A non-confident expert might give the impression that there are grounds for the question about what they are stating in the report, which could lead the jury or judge to turn to the expert on the other side.

 2) Competency

To support their opinions, expert witnesses must possess specialized or scientific expertise. Experts often claim that their years of expertise are the foundation for their conclusions. In contrast, if you are dealing with a scientific or medical opinion, an objection can be brought up if they don't have any peer reviews or research publications to back up their claim. When engaging the expert witness, you should find out what kind of research they consulted or based on their conclusions, as well as if other experts in the field follow their procedures

3) Uniformity

Generally speaking, an expert opinion is presented in three parts. The expert first takes the time to write a report that details their findings and the process they used to get at them. The expert testifies about their views during the deposition and is cross-examined by the opposing counsel. Thirdly, you have when the expert gives a trial testimony before a judge or jury. 

Expert witnesses sometimes testify in several instances, and it's possible that the expert witnesses don't recall all they said in their reports or depositions. It might lead to contradictions that the other side could utilize to cast doubt on the expertise of your expert. Because of this, your expert must maintain a similar demeanor throughout the report-writing, deposition, and trial testimony processes.

4) Reliability

For their judgments to be taken seriously, expert witnesses must persuade the audience. With looks comes credibility. When testifying in Court or during a deposition, experts should be appropriately and professionally attired. Speaking confidently and paying attention while giving their testimony are two qualities that experts should possess. Being trustworthy also entails that a person won't choose to disregard information that isn't for the client's benefit. When discussing credibility, reputation is essential. Thus experts should refrain from expressing unfounded comments that can jeopardize their credibility.

5) Knowledge

Expert witnesses should have advanced degrees and proven expertise in the field in which they provide expert opinions. A prospective expert's extra experience in public speaking, teaching, or other interpersonal activities might suggest that they will likely be a strong candidate in a testifying capacity, even if relevant professional expertise is always a prerequisite for a successful expert.

6) Good Communications

Expert witnesses must have strong communication skills. Thus, they must feel at ease speaking in the technical terms used often in their line of work. They need to be able to express themselves without holding back or looking up information in documents. Good experts should be able to comprehend the inquiries made by the lawyers and respond to each in detail. An expert with effective communication skills may condense difficult scientific, medical, or specialized data so that the judge or jury can comprehend what they are saying.

Court Experts in the UAE

Court experts in UAE may significantly aid technical issues in a case, sometimes referred to as expert witnesses. They may provide evidence supporting a case and additional information in an expert report. Since we are licensed Court Experts in the UAE, Farahat & Co. offers this service. In several court cases around the nation over the last 35 years, we have acted as court experts. Free legal advice is provided when you contact one of our Dubai attorneys. A team dedicated to resolving your issue will be assembled around you. Just make a reservation now to witness the level of care we can provide.

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