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VAT Reclaims for Business Visitors

VAT Refund in UAE for Business Visitors

VAT refund  for business visitors help minimize travel expenses, but claimants have to undergo a thorough application process, including the preparation and submission of original invoices, taxable status certificate, and other supporting documentation for complete transparency. What’s more, claims have to follow strict deadlines for submissions. It is, therefore, imperative that you appoint a tax recovery agent to handle all affairs related to VAT refunds in Dubai, UAE and reclaims in the UAE, where expenses have been incurred.

The qualified tax professionals of Farahat & Co. allow you to remain compliant and aware of complex legislation, rules, regulations, deadlines, and filing requirements for securing VAT refund in Dubai, helping ensure your business reclaims funds it is entitled to.

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Business VAT refund

Federal Tax Authority (FTA) Guidelines

As per the guidelines set by the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA), business visitors that are not taxable or registered persons in the UAE can claim VAT refunds for expenses incurred for the following:

  • Hotel and accommodation;
  • Training courses;
  • Exhibition or trade fairs;
  • Petrol/diesel;
  • Restaurant meals;
  • Conferences; and
  • Travel and transportation among others

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VAT Refund in UAE

At Farahat & Co., you can rely on our VAT reclaim experts to:

  • Provide summarized reports on staff travel expense notes, as well as all related throughput, facilitating the recovery of VAT;
  • Fully understand goods and services quoted on invoices to help ensure entries are correct and determine whether certain expenses may be deductible;
  • Check compliance of supporting documents;
  • Formulate reimbursement requests;
  • Present supplier invoices and original expense claims to the local tax authority;

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