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VAT for Social Media Influencer

VAT for Social Media Influencer

Freelance professionals, including social media influencers in UAE, are require to acquire the appropriate licenses. And undergo VAT registration when annual taxable supplies reach the mandatory VAT registration threshold of 375,000 AED. As young entrepreneurs who are gaining influence continue in growing not only in their home countries but abroad, it becomes quite difficult in keeping track of finances and remaining compliant to regulations while also managing their huge following and creating new content.

This is where our VAT specialists can help. Our VAT team takes the stress away from UAE social media influencers in accounting for the cost of VAT for social media influencer and tax implications for social media stars. For decades, we’ve helped businesses, and now bloggers to pay VAT in UAE, and handle all ongoing VAT management responsibilities which surely come with being successful influencers on social media.

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How we can help Bloggers to pay VAT in UAE

VAT in UAE, including the process to register for tax influencers, is a very complex subject. VAT is an indirect, consumption tax that places whenever the value is added at any stage of a sale. It’s the responsibility of a taxpayer in ensuring there’s proper accounting for tax. Also, an inspection often conducted by the Federal Tax Authority in UAE at varying intervals. An inspection can also be undertaken by authorities in order to identify unpaid VAT errors that raise assessments.
Our team provides all types of VAT-related services, starting from the VAT registration in UAE for social media influencers to resolving disputes from VAT return filing.

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Our team can help you set up a system for charging clients that include the correct VAT amount. Invoices that are given to clients of social media influencers will include the following:

What information is required on a VAT invoice?

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Address and name of client or customer
  • Tax registration number (TRN)
  • Description of goods and services that are covered

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