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Small Business Relief for Corporate Tax Purposes in UAE

Small business relief for the purpose of taxation of corporations and businesses, (Ministerial Decision No. 73 of 2023)

Small Business Relief for Purposes of Corporate Tax in UAE

Ministerial Decision No. 73 of 2023 provides relief to small Businesses, aimed at easing their corporate tax burden and reducing compliance costs. The Decision stipulates a revenue threshold that qualifies for the tax relief. Thus, it is advisable for small businesses to seek the expert services of Tax Consultants UAE to establish their taxability and to avail tax relief in compliance with the UAE corporate tax law.

The decision stipulates that resident persons with revenue in the relevant tax span and prior tax duration lower

...than three million dirhams for each tax period will be eligible for Small Business Relief. However, if a taxable person exceeds the revenue threshold of AED 3 million in any tax period, they will no longer be qualifying for the relief. This revenue threshold will come into effect for tax periods starting from June 1 st 2023 and will be valid for successive tax duration that concludes before or on December 31, 2026.
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