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Trademark Registration- Things to Consider and Documents Required

Having a unique trademark for your business is essential. Before getting into the details of the registration process, you need to know what a trademark is. A trademark is a word, symbol or a collection of words that legally registered for a company. This registration is done by using the name of that specified company. It can consist of a word, name, signature, figure, letter, pattern, symbol, drawing, title, inscription, pack, advertisement or any other combination of the mentioned elements.

There is a specific procedure that should be followed in completing the Dubai trademark registration process.

What documents required for the registration of Trademark?

There are some documents that are necessary for the completion of trademark registration process. The list of these documents is as follows:

  • The soft copy of the decided trademark in black and white.
  • A trademark registration form.
  • A copy of the identity of the applicant.
  • A priority document if the priority claimed.
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport.
  • The specified fees.
  • All the required certificates of trademark registration if the registration has to be done in another country.
  • A power of attorney (POA) appointed by the applicant.

How Long Does It Take to Register A Trademark?

The average registration time that is require for the completion of the registration process is 12 to 18 months in Dubai. However, there may be some delay if the procedure affected because of the absence of any required document.

Things you need to know before the Trademark registration process:

There are some important points you need to consider while completing the registration process. These points explained below:

1. Make sure your trademark is unique

There is a need to create or design a trademark that not being used by any of the company or business not in Dubai but in the whole world. By doing this, you will be able to work effectively under that trademark.

2. Don’t forget to register the domain name

There is a need to register the domain name of your company. If this process not followed properly, so there are chances of some harmful effects.

3. Know your legal rights

Before and after the registration process, you need to know what your legal rights are. This information is essential so that no one can harm you in this process.

4. Complete the list of required documents for Trademark Registration

Registering for a trademark of your business will require the compilation of some important legal documents. The list of these documents is already provided in the above mentioned section. If you want the process completed in the specified time, you should complete all the documentation carefully if you need to get the registration in time.
The trademark registration process can take some time.

To avoid any further delay, make sure you fulfil all the requirements. Once the registration process is done, you will be able to work effectively under the legal trademark of your business.

Shahnaz Kaushar is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) Expert. She has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.