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Payroll Services Providers in UAE

Payroll processing is a vital component for organizations in the UAE, employers are compelled to ensure the timely and accurate issuance of employees’ salaries, compliant with the UAE labor law. Thus, it is imperative for corporations to outsource the services of top UAE payroll providers to seamlessly navigate and combat any payroll complexities and to stay compliant with prevalent labor regulations and standards. 

The Role of UAE Payroll Providers

  • Issuing Payroll and Salary Letters

One of the most important roles of a payroll outsourcing company in the UAE is to issue monthly pay slips to employees. This ensures that employees are paid on time and accurately. In addition, to pay slips, these firms also provide salary letters to employees, as well as transfer letters from banks.

  • Leave Management

Payroll outsourcing companies also manage the leave system of employees. This includes tracking absences, holidays, paid leaves, and other related matters. They ensure that employees are not overpaid or underpaid for their leave time.

  • Issuing No-Objection Certificates

Another service provided by payroll outsourcing firms in the UAE is issuing no-objection certificates to employees whenever needed. These certificates are often required when an employee wants to leave the company or transfer to a different company.

  • Offer Letters

Payroll service providers offer a range of valuable services to businesses, including the preparation of offer letters for new employees. When a company needs to hire new staff, they typically need to provide an offer letter that outlines the terms and conditions of employment, such as salary, benefits, and job responsibilities. However, creating these letters can be a time-consuming task that requires specialized knowledge and expertise. By outsourcing this task to a payroll service provider, companies can save up on time and resources that can be better allocated to other essential facets of their business conduct.

  • Medical and Health Insurance

Payroll outsourcing firms provide an array of services that extend beyond simply handling payroll. One of the crucial areas in which they assist companies are medical and health insurance management. These firms ensure that companies are compliant with relevant insurance regulations and that their employees are enrolled in the right insurance plans.

  • Wages Protection System (WPS) Setup

The Wages Protection System (WPS) is a payment system that was introduced by the UAE government to ensure that employees are paid on time and accurately. Payroll outsourcing companies can help companies set up this system to ensure compliance with government regulations.

  • Gratuity Payments

Payroll outsourcing firms also calculate gratuity payments for employees according to the laws in the UAE. They calculate it according to the contract types of the employees and other relevant details.

  • End of Settlement

If an employee is terminated during their probation period, payroll outsourcing firms calculate the end of the settlement according to the UAE labor law.

Seek the Expert Services of Top Payroll Providers in UAE

Payroll Middle East is an accredited and reputable interface of all payroll services in UAE with over 30 years of delivering top-notch and customized payroll solutions that meet the client’s specific needs. Our payroll experts offer a range of services which includes payroll processing, leave management, and WPS setup to mention a few. Thus, contact us today and we shall be happy to assist you!

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