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Importance of Audit firms in Dubai, Abu dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Auditing firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE play an important role in evaluating the financial status of any company. Auditing professionals assist with a corporate strategy, provide advice and help businesses to reduce costs and mitigate risks. It is very important to choose the best auditing firm where you have trustworthy auditors who can give you correct financial reporting on its operations and check if any misuse of assets or frauds is happening which may result in capital loss.

What Are The Auditing and Assurance Standards?

The need for an audit firm

Auditing deals with inspection of the company both in the internal and external matters. The need for auditing arises because of the following reasons:

Provide a Comprehensive Review

Auditing firm provides an overall report of business helps to identify the future as wells rectify the present issues.

Prevent Errors and Fraud

The main duty of an audit firm is to detect fraud and errors and thus helping prevent such errors and taking necessary steps to avoid such frauds. If there is a clear report of everything then the company will be saved from any frauds inside the company

Facts You Should Know About Fraud Auditing

Expert Assistance

Most of the auditing firm includes highly qualified and experienced auditors, so they can deal with the clients with more reliabilities addition they also provide expert advice on a number of issues arising out of financial statements of a company.


A regular and accurate audit adds real value to any company. An audit firm also ensures accuracy in recording all the details of audit transactions without any errors and omissions.

Provides valid Information

Many business owners do not have an in-depth understanding of audit rules and regulations. Professional auditors can review this information and provide business owners with insight into the accuracy and validity of the audit.

Educates Business Owner

Audit firms can educate business owners on the importance of auditing information in business. Business owners often work closely with audit firms to improve their auditing skills. They may provide business owners with information on current auditing rules and regulations.

Limits Legal and Tax Issues

Professional audit firms provide business owners with information on the legal issues relating to audit information. Legal issues arise when business owners provide inaccurate or fraudulent information to lenders, investors and the general public. Business owners are usually liable for not reporting their company’s financial information accurately.

Mishandling of resources.

Audit companies can help any company to handle their resources properly. It will help in understanding how can any company cut extra expenses which will result in saving more and spending less.

Detecting the weak areas

Audit firms are the professionals who have a vast knowledge regarding the audit, they detect any loopholes and bring it in front of management and also provide a measure to overcome such issues

Helps in decision making

It also helps in decision making in case of tough business time about making new investments or managing pressure.

What are the Steps that You Need to Do in an Audit Process?

Responsibilities of an audit firm

Basic responsibilities of an audit firm are to:

  • Review Financial data and Bank statements.
  • Maintain statistical information on the company’s accounts.
  • Provide additional sources of financial information.

6 Steps to an Effective Financial Audit

Auditing Companies in Dubai, UAE

There are several Audit firms in UAE, but for an effective auditing system, you need to choose reputed intelligent auditors in Dubai so that you can track the financial status of your company. Farahat and co. have years of experience in providing auditing services in UAE. We have extensive knowledge that helps clients in conducting a successful audit.

We are approved audit firm in Dubai, UAE and provide result-oriented services on behalf of our clients. If you are searching for auditing services in UAE you may contact us for further consultation.

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