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Financial Forecast in UAE

Financial forecasts are one of the most crucial parts of business planning, operations, funding, and budgeting. They are what leaders and stakeholders rely on in order to make informed business decisions.

A financial forecast provides an estimate of a company’s future financial outcomes. It is an integral stage with the annual budgeting process. Financial forecasting in UAE is utilized in informing major financial decisions, including whether or not to fund capital projects, seek funding, or undertake a staff increase. A business utilizes the material information out of financial forecasting, which is done with the review of balance sheets as well as other disclosures of a company.

Financial forecasting in UAE provides businesses with access to comprehensive reports, allowing the finance departments in establishing goals that are feasible and realistic at the same time. It also gives company management valuable insights into the way businesses performed during the previous months and the way they will in the near future. Apart from informing internal fiscal decisions and controls, the process of financial forecasting is essential with investor relations as well as seeking loans. Banking institutions weigh forecasts to their own processes on decision making. Here are more reasons why you should consider financial forecasts in UAE for your business:

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Lessen Financial Risks

Financial forecasting helps in identifying the processes of your business that consume money the most. You'll be able to lower your company's financial risks as you pump money out of such processes and channel it to more profitable ones. It'll give you a much clearer view of the potential risks and help in devising necessary avoidance tactics.

Acquire Financing

As mentioned earlier, you'll need financial forecasting in getting necessary investment from financial institutions. Sound financial forecasts that are presented before lenders will make you a lot more trustworthy and credible. You'll be able to leverage the goodwill in securing required business financing to sustain your operations or fund an expansion.

Measure Financial Performance

One of the crucial aspects of financial forecasting in UAE is it allows for the measurement of future financial performance and compares it against the standards set by the management. Financial forecasting acts as the benchmark that can be used in identifying loopholes, taking the necessary corrective actions, and matching company performance.

Show Financial Viability

Financial forecasting in UAE is used in checking how new business ventures are financially viable. By getting an estimate on the projected expenses and projected income, you'll know exactly if a new business venture is a good idea or not. It'll allow you in forming a model that will help in figuring out if a business is going to perform when specific strategies and plans are being carried out.

Better Control For Cash Flow

Since cash is what a business would want to manage first, financial forecasting becomes incredibly useful for all businesses. It'll allow you in allocating funds to different tasks and help you channel the available cash in the right direction.

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Financial Forecasts for UAE Businesses

Financial forecasts in UAE are no less than roadmaps for businesses. They provide clear paths towards the attainment of business goals. A financial forecast is a financial plan or budget that estimates a business' projected income and expenses. You'll be able to benefit from a financial forecast today with our team's expertise and expertise here in Farahat & Co. If you want to know more about how you can utilize financial forecasts to your advantage, call us today!

What are the kinds of financial forecasting processes?

In general, there are two kinds of financial forecasting processes. They are as follows:

  • Top-down forecasting – with this kind of forecasting, experts start with the wider and bigger picture before moving towards the details. The method estimates a business’ future performance by begging with high-level data. The process then continues towards specifics on revenue. It's probably one of the most useful- kinds of forecasts for small to medium-size enterprises. Company management first determines the goals for the following year or any forecasting period. Then, steps will be considered and resources that are needed. For instance, with a business that plans on increasing revenue in the following year, it may have to seek out new salespeople, The business then uses financial forecasting in checking if it is a good idea with the funds available and the market trends.
  • Bottom-up forecasting – with this kind of forecasting, specific products and customers are looked into. Then, the evaluation broadens in order to estimate revenue. It’ll start with the low level of data then expand out.

Does my business need financial forecasting in UAE?

If you think your business can benefit from financial forecasting results, then it is a good idea. An effective financial forecasting procedure carried out by professionals can result to a sound and solid basis for your business' budgeting decisions and reports that show creditors and investors that the organization has a concrete plan for its success.

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