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Face Masks and Sanitizers Considered Zero-Rated According to UAE VAT Authority

In a resolution released in order to mitigate COVID-19 pandemic’s repercussions. And in order to provide support to healthcare sector in UAE. UAE Cabinet decided medical equipment will  considered as zero-rated in terms of VAT. This includes hand sanitizers, disposable suits respirators, face masks, and gloves.

The meeting was conducted at Abu Dhabi’s Qasr Al Watan.  Which was chaired by HIs Highness Sheikh Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of UAE. Also the ruler of Dubai, he interacted with several teaching staff, as well as students virtually. Sheikh Mohammed credited Dubai’s achievements to education. He said the accomplishments, including the progress of the nation, since the beloved country’s foundation, have started in schools. Through education, he said, UAE shall continue its journey towards a greater future.

We have always placed education as our top priority,” said Sheikh Mohammed

The country is exerting unwavering efforts in order to develop a system of education even despite circumstances we’re currently facing. The past several school years are the best examples of UAE educational system’s strength, as well as its ability in continuing without any interruption even through the most difficult of circumstances.”

UAE Healthcare Update

Minister of the UAE on Health and Prevention, Abdul rahman Al Owais, stated that. UAE Cabinet’s move in making medical equipment zero-rated pertaining to VAT can help hospitals and clinics across the country stock up on the medical supplies that are vital in not only treating patients but also protecting themselves.

The UAE Cabinet has also issued a brand new resolution. Which is related to the implementation of a federal law regarding medically assisted reproduction. It underlines the law’s objectives, responsibilities and obligations of a licensed fertilization center in UAE, genetic testing, storage and handling of gamete, and licensing requirements among others.

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