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Benefits of hiring a Court Expert in UAE

A court expert plays a fundamental role within the judicial system by providing opinions on evidence to assist courts in reaching decisions. The courts recognize their unique role and have set out a clear guide on the duties of an expert involved in legal or quasi-judicial proceedings.

Every court expert is skilled in a specific field and has the skills to write first-class reports for courts. They give evidence confidently, particularly when vigorously challenged on their findings.

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Benefits of hiring court experts in UAE:

  • A Court Expert Has experience with similar cases
  • Help in arriving at a settlement.
  • Help Either Side of The Case.
  • Help explain complex issues


#1. A Court Expert Has experience with similar cases

Court experts have the experience to deal with courtroom jury trials, testimony from an expert witness almost always helps represent the facts in an accurate, clear way that the court will understand. There may come some cases which may include complicated toxicology cases, and proving the point is especially difficult because of complex medical jargon and technical speak. Expert witness testimony is convincing and persuasive because of a court’s expertise and experience in the field.

#2. Help in arriving at a settlement.

If the ultimate goal of parties to a case is to achieve a fair and reasonable settlement If rather than dragging the case through years of litigation and complicated court proceedings, then it is worth consulting with an expert witness in this scenario. There is a time when just the knowledge that a true expert professional will be testifying in court is enough to convince the other party to settle the case out of court.

#3. Help Either Side of The Case.

There is a common misconception that only defense legal teams choose to work with court experts. Both defense and prosecuting legal teams should be aware of the benefits a court expert is able to provide. A court expert can make the facts speak more clearly. There may exist a strong argument for using a court expert testimony.

#4. Help explain complex issues

A court expert can explain complex issues in a clear and accurate way.   A court expert understands the complex issues regarding any case and can help in finding a solution to mitigate the risks involved in the case.

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Certified Expert Witness in UAE

Farahat and co. are well versed in various areas of law and have court experts that are able to give expert advice on every area of law.

Our lawyers are actively involved in a client's case and, deliver creative solutions, and workable alternatives to help achieve a client’s goals.

Call us today to book a consultation with our Court Experts Witness.

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