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  • Husam Alsaleh
    Co-Founder | Hamilton International.
    I found MAF / Farahat & Co tremendously helpful, the staff is
    courteous, punctual and intelligent, and I got my company up and
    running, a process that would have taken months in my home country
    done in no time.

  • Sanam Saeed
    I want to express my heartfelt thanks to MAF / Farahat & Co, for your
    hard work in this Matter. As usual, you carried out the involved process
    in a professional and efficient manner. It's very reassuring to have you
    on "our team" at MAF.

  • Fabrizio Balestrini
    Managing Director | Mistral Consulting DWC LLC.
    MAF / Farahat & Co has been terrific in making sure that everything
    was done properly, smoothly and timely and I received my trading
    license & visa well ahead of schedule. This quick note is to recognize
    their TEAM performance and let you know how reliable MAF

Farahat- LEA

Farahat & Co. is prestigious institutions Founded in Dubai in March 1985. Offer its customers high-quality professional services such as legal accounting, auditing, consulting, Expert Witness, Dispute Support, Case Managements, Fraud Examining, and Forensic Accounting, Business Setup, Payroll & HR Services. We are regulated by UAE Courts and Persecutions, we are regulated Liquidator. We are licensed by the governmental agencies and authorities entity and are registered with the major banks and the Free Zones. Farahat & Co is a member of the 2nd largest firm network LEA. Read more

Auditing & Assurance

Our audit team offers a dedicated commercial approach to help you control and improve...

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Farahat & Co. offers its clients a wide array of financial reporting and accounting services.

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Payroll & HR Services

Farahat & Co. offers flexible Payroll services which aim to simplify and increase...

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