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Voluntary Liquidation in UAE : Everything You Must Know About

Voluntary liquidation in UAE is a self-imposed wind up of a company that has been approved by shareholders. Such a decision will happen once a company's owner decides that the company has no reason to continue operating.

It is not a court order (not compulsory). The aim of a voluntary liquidation is to conclude the company's operations, wind up its financial affairs, and dismantle its corporate structure in a formal manner while paying back the creditors according to their assigned priority.

What causes a company to go into liquidation?

  • Poor functioning of business: when a company does not operate properly the shareholders may decide to voluntary wind up the company.
  • Restructuring and transferring assets to another company: this may be in exchange for an ownership or equity stake in the acquiring company.
  • Limited period: Voluntary liquidations may also be approved because the liquidating company was only meant to exist for a limited amount of time or for a specific purpose that has been fulfilled.
  • The exit of key member: In addition, voluntary liquidation may happen if a key member of an organization leaves the company and the shareholders decide not to continue operations.

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Process of voluntary liquidation in UAE

Step 1 : Determine the type of liquidation

  • Members voluntary liquidation

A Members Voluntary liquidation is a process that enables shareholders to appoint a Liquidator in order to formally close down a solvent company. A can only take place if the directors of the company make a formal declaration for voluntary liquidation.

  • Creditors voluntary liquidation

If the company turns to be insolvent the liquidator will call a meeting of creditors and the liquidation becomes creditors voluntary liquidation. A Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation is the liquidation of a company that cannot pay its debts as they fall due. The process is initiated by the directors of a company where the company’s liabilities exceed its assets and is insolvent. When the company directors realize the company does not have a reasonable prospect of survival, they are obliged by the Company’s Act to put the company into liquidation. The company can nominate an authorized person as a liquidator. It must call a meeting of creditors to discuss the financial details of the company.

Step 2 : Directors of the company to agree for voluntary liquidation

The next step is the directors of the Company need to agree that the Company is suitable for liquidation.

Step 3 : Declaration of solvency

The directors have to file the declaration of solvency with the registrar.

Step 4 : Special resolution

Directors have declared the company solvent, so the managing shareholder of the Company will pass a Special Resolution for liquidation.

Step 5 : Liquidators consent

The Liquidator will sign a consent form (to be filed with the Registrar of Companies) notifying the Registrar of the appointment.

Step 6 : Settlement of claims

Any invoices and claims submitted to a Liquidator will be reviewed for authenticity. The liquidator will work with the Company’s various service providers to determine whether the submitted claim is genuine.

Step 7 : Final meeting:

The liquidator will conduct a final meeting and present all necessary documents and confirmation for liquidation.

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Director’s duties in Voluntary Liquidation

In the voluntary declaration the company’s directors must provide:

  • The information about companies’ affairs to the liquidator and attend interviews with the liquidator as and when required.
  • Look after and hand over the company assets with all records, bank statements and other important papers relating to assets and liabilities

Company liquidation services 

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